Can't use Firefox with 1Password 4.4.3


  • Hello, I'm having the same problem. However, when I go to Help I do not see the "Advanced" option or a "Use Native Messaging Protocol" option.

  • @bhizzle: If you're not seeing those options, you're likely using a different version of 1Password for Windows that the original poster was here. Could you let me know what version of 1Password you have? Also, I always advise checking for browser updates with extension troubles too. Although Firefox is (anecdotally) a bit better about this than Chrome, I've never found either 100% reliable at updating automatically. Click the 3 lines in the top right of Firefox and choose Help > About Firefox to manually check for updates. If you have any, install them, restart when prompted, and double check whether that got filling working for you. :+1:

  • Firefox up to date (62.0)
    1Password up to date (4.4.3)

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    Hi @bhizzle,

    Are you using the macOS version of 1Password? We never had that version number on Windows as you can see in this release history. I just want to confirm you are using 1Password 4 for Windows and not 1Password 4.4.3 for macOS, which does exist?

    You can find the latest Windows version of 1Password 4.6.2 version here.

    For Mac, you need at the very least, 1Password 6.8 for macOS. Our extension for FIrefox requires Native Messaging, which we've implemented in 1Password 6.8 for macOS.

  • Yes, I'm using the Mac version. I purchased it several years ago.

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    Hi @bhizzle,

    You'll need 1Password 6.8 installed to keep using Firefox. If you cannot upgrade your macOS version to support the latest 1Password version, then your only option is to use Safari.

    You can read our post on this for more information.

    PS: I've split your posts from our Windows forum to move it to 1Password 3/4 for macOS forum here.

  • Ok, thanks

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    Indeed, a lot has changed in Firefox in recent years. And if you're able to upgrade that's best anyway since you won't be without all the security fixes that have been made either.

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