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today I have recommended a friend to buy the bundle in your online shop. But if I see it correct now I have done a mistake. He has to buy only the Windows program in your online shop and the and the Mac software in the Mac App Store because only their he becomes the newest version. Correct? So it is more expensive but it is the only way?
Another question: Is the Windows version also working with Dropbox like the Mac version?
Thanks, Philipp


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    Welcome to the forum, Phillip!

    If your friend has OS X Lion on his Mac, then yes—the Mac App Store is the place to go for 1Password for Mac. (Snow Leopard requires the version that's still licensed directly from us:

    If your friend purchases 1Password for Mac (Lion) from the Mac App Store, he or she should contact us ([email protected]), so we can provide a link to a special area in our online store, with a reduced "bundle" price on a 1Password for Windows license. (Have him or her include a link to this forum thread, too, if that's possible. It might be useful information for whoever helps your friend.)

    I hope that helps.
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