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How to resolve sych conflicts between windows and Ipad?

When I synched my ipad (i have 1password on windows and on my ipad and synch using dropbox) there were messages on my ipad indicating synch conflicts but I do not see a capability on either windows or ipad to select between the synch conflicts.
How to I locate the synch conflicts so I can choose which I would like to choose?


  • svondutchsvondutch
    1Password Alumni
    On Windows, there is no sync conflicts resolver. As you running 1Password for Mac? If yes, then the sync conflicts resolver is here: Help > Tools > Find and Resolve Sync Conflicts
  • That's unfortuate, as I am running 1Password for Windows. Is there any way to resolve synch conflicts on the Ipad end?
  • DBrownDBrown
    1Password Alumni
    edited November 2011
    There is not, jcg. Only 1Password for Mac includes this capability, at this time.

    We apologize for the inconvenience of having to compare "duplicates" and select the one to keep.
  • Are you planning to have a sync conflict resolver in the future? Its becoming tough synchronizing between windows, iPhone & iPad
  • svondutchsvondutch
    1Password Alumni
    edited December 2011
    Yes, we're planning a sync conflict resolver but it is low priority because sync conflicts are rare. Dropbox is doing a pretty good job preventing them, and 1Password for Windows is doing a pretty good job picking the correct Login (should conflicts exist).
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