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feature request - licensing/preferences sync

I purchased 1password over the long weekend and when I came in to work I was surprised that my 1password install on my work computer was not also registered. Apparently the key needs to be manually input into every installation.

I think the license key should be synced in dropbox or stored on a centralized server (or both). Synchronization of preferences should also be done in the same way. I changed the key binding for the unlock dialog on the installation on my laptop. It would be nice if I didn't have to change it for every installation.


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    Thanks for the suggest/request, Mark.

    As you may know, your 1Password data and preferences are stored locally. Only if you use Dropbox to share and sync your 1Password data is it (but not your preferences) copied elsewhere (handled exclusively by Dropbox, independent of 1Password).

    I suppose we might look into an option to store your settings in Dropbox, too; but 1Password on each different platform has very different settings, so it would be much more complicated than it might sound at first.

    Anyway, it helps us to hear what our customers would find useful, so thanks for letting us know!
  • Thanks, I would find it very useful for it to be possible to store both license and preferences in dropbox. I understand there may be platform specific settings that present a challenge but that won't be an issue for me unless and until you start to support Linux. Still, I would suggest possibly splitting the preferences into two files - one for settings that are common to all platforms and one that is platform specific. Then, even though you have preferences for multiple platforms stored in dropbox 1password will only ever open the common preferences and the preferences for the target platform.

    PS. Posting to this forum still doesn't work for me in Chrome Dev Channel 17
  • DBrownDBrown
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    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, Mark.

    (We don't own the forum software, and I use only current regular [stable] releases of the supported browsers.)
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