Backups items count larger then "All" folder?

Just noticed that my backup items count is about 20+ items more then the number reported in the "All"-folder, are the some backup items that are hidden or is my 1Password DB getting corrupted?


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    Hi Daniel,

    1P also counts folders in the list. Do you have/use folders in 1P.
  • @thightower I do use folder, I have added two custom folders, one smart folder and one regular folder.

    The "All" count is at 177, the smart folder is 39 and the regular folder is also at 39.

    I just made a back up and the items count in the file name is 223. But i should be at 179, right?
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    Don't forget Generated password etc, My count goes like this 985 total from the back up

    316 Logins
    28 Accounts
    3 identities
    191 software
    50 wallet
    238 generated password
    48 tags
    4 folder
    878 = total count

    I am on the MAS version so its a little harder for me to compare my version to yours there have been some big changes

    As you can see 985-878= 107 diff in the item count.

    There was a very detailed post here in the forums explaining it thoroughly but I am unable to find it. i will ask one of the admins to stop in. and see it he can shed some more light on the matter.

    Honestly I deleted around 100 items which are not showing up in my trash a week or so go, I am wondering out loud here if you may have found a bug, and 1P is not releasing the item count for the backups.

    Thanks for mentioning it and making me look a little harder at my counts. I always keep them hidden so its not something I ever notice.
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    @thightower Aha, I was talking about the actual counter next to the vaults/folders/tags, not the number of vaults/folders/tags. If you can find the post I would love to get more info!

    Currently my 1Password is strutured like this:

    Logins 159
    Accounts 12
    Identities 1
    Sec Notes 3
    Software 2
    Wallet 5

    All 182
    Smart folder 39
    Regular folder 39

    Untagged 0
    Tag1 44
    Tag2 11
    Tag3 3
    Tag4 119
    Tag5 5

    Generated Password 0
    Trash 0

    Backup item count is at 228.

    The Vaults adds upp to the count in "All" folder at 182.

    Then there is 46 items (228-182=46) that's missing I guess, with my 2 folders and 5 tags I'm still missing some 39 items. Super weird!
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    Thanks for pinging me on this, Tommy. :)

    In a related thread — the one you were thinking of? — Jamie says:

    "The backup mechanism only counts the number of files in the data file directly without any logic about what kinds of entries they are. There are a few entry types that get counted in this process, but the most common ones are trashed items and saved sync points such as for Wi-Fi sync."

    Some of those items include:
    • vault items
    • trashed items
    • regular folders
    • saved searches (Smart Folders)
    • Wi-Fi sync connections

    I'm still missing some 39 items.

    Remember that each folder and Smart Folder are counted. Don't worry about the counts displayed for them, but the rather the actual number of folders which is not displayed in the UI. You'll need to count them by hand if you insist on knowing. ;)

    I wouldn't worry too much about the backup item count since not everything it counts is represented in the UI. Of course, if the number is ever too low, then I think there is cause for concern. :D
  • @khad thanks for answering, I guess there is nothing to worry about then. :)
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    No problem. I'm glad I could help. If you do find a problem in the backups, please let us know. At this time there are no known issues. We take data integrity very seriously.
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    I did a big clean up of all items in my 1Password. The actual number of entries says 338 but the backup number says 489.

    489 is probably what i had (including password generations) pre-clean.

    "1Password 2012-01-26 095343 (489 items).agilekeychain_zip"

    I've clear the cache and rebuilt the database with no change to these numbers.

    Can anyone give me a heads up on whether all is in order?


    (Syncing via a regular DropBox sync ie. not in dmg etc)
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    Hey AGV,

    I merged your post with this existing thread. Please see above — specifically my post from December 13 — and let me know if you have any additional questions. :)
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    Thanks Khad.

    My count is 339. Accounts, logins, secured notes, software and wallet.
    My backup is 491 = - 152 items

    And i have 24 tags.
    No folders.
    No trash.
    No passwords generated.
    No icon previews.
    1 attachment.

    You say - "if its less then you need to worry". So technically i don't need to worry. I trust you guys! (y)

    But that still leaves 128 items unaccounted.

    And it the backup item counts doesnt represent everything in the UI then what purpose does it serve?

    Not a big deal but in customer service terms it might help to either clarify further what it represents (esp in my case) or adjust the number to reflect something else or be consistent with the items we have in the five main items types? Just a thought.....
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    We're looking at improving this in a future update. Thanks for your input!
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