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Any idea on how to get 1Pass working properly (i.e. auto-magically) with this login page:
The log in ID is the wireless number. On my saved login in 1Pass this field is labeled "wireless_num". Attempts to log in using 1Pass always fail with the wireless number not being correctly entered. I can then enter it manually and log in successfully (so the password field is correct). Any suggestions (besides switching to Verizon)?
Thanks for your help.


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    try re-saving the login, this is the most frequent thing to do to fix erroneous logins

    This is the page I use
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    Thanks for the reply. That was the page I was using (which wasn't working). I tried what I should have in the first place; I just resaved the login. Now there are fields for "accountType" (wireless) and "userid" (which is my phone number) in the new login. It works.
    Thanks again.
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    On behalf of Tommy, you are quite welcome! :-)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help!
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