Sync problem after vault upgrade on Android app


A little over a month ago I opened the 1Password app on my Android and got a prompt saying that my vault needed to be upgraded. I didn't think too much of it and proceeded since it wouldn't allow me to open the app otherwise anyway. Now, I just found out that this broke the sync on my devices. The vault was synced over Dropbox and somehow one PC began using what I guess is a new vault format (opvault) and the Macs continued to use the "old" version of the vault. Fast forward 5 weeks and I just now found out that I had been working with 2 different vaults on different devices. How can I now merge the content of both vaults? Which vault should I continue to use moving forward? I use both logins and secure notes. Please help ASAP. This is a major problem for me as share this vault with others for business work and we are now looking at different info. Thanks.

1Password Version: (Windows), 6.8.9 (MacOS)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 and MacOS
Sync Type: Dropbox
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  • @hmbtech: You will need to use the .opvault folder moving forward as that's the only format 1Password 7 for Android supports. That said, merging can be a difficult question to answer – how different are these vaults at this point? Dropbox will attempt to merge two divergent vaults when you point an app to a vault that differs from your local data, but it isn't perfect and, depending on how different the data is, you'll be more or less likely to be happy with the outcome. Would falling back on whatever is in the OPVault and resetting passwords as needed be a viable option? If the differences aren't so great, you could also open both vaults in 1Password for Mac and tidy up manually. It sounds like a giant pain, but there are some tricks to make it quicker, like using the reused passwords feature of Security Audit to quickly eliminate the true duplicates leaving you with just updated items to sort through. This does only work with Logins, however, so if Secure Notes make up the bulk of your data, that may be less helpful. If you can give me a feel for how off from each other these two vaults are, I'll be able to give better advice.

  • hmbtech
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    I ended up having to continue using the new vault and had to give up on whatever data was updated on the other computers since there really isn't a way to sync and it's not possible to remember all changes especially in the secure notes. This probably means that I lost data and will likely find out what data at the worst possible time.

    I have to say that I have been a big fan of Agile Bits for a long time, but this is really disappointing. Someone really dropped the ball on this vault update process. How can I trust my data to a company that will allow data to be lost especially when due to an unwanted update? I have been considering 1Password for Teams, but this is now making be look for other options.

    Having said all that I really appreciate you reply. Thanks.

  • AGAlumB
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    @hmbtech: I'm sorry to hear that you've given up, but it is not 1Password causing data to be lost; it's right where you saved it. If you've put it in different vaults, to me, that sounds like a solvable problem. We'll be happy to assist in any way we can, but ultimately we don't have control over everything. 1Password also does not automatically update itself. Ironically, you would not have encountered an issue like this with a account, as vaults are not sync'd individually; they're all part of the account, and are always present when you're signed in. It seems to me that if you're thinking about migrating to 1Password Teams anyway that presents a fairly simple solution: sign up for the trial, and then import any data from each vault that you want into it. Then you'd have it all in one place, and wouldn't need to configure sync or deal with data formats going forward. Either way, if you decide to give it another shot let us know.

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