Feature Request: Prompt to discard changes

I was half way through entering a long secure note when I accidentally hit escape. The entire item was immediately lost. It would be great if it popped up a message to confirm I want to discard the item.

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  • GregGreg

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    Hi @cpmcgrath,

    Thank you for your suggestion!

    This is a fair request and we definitely should have something like this in 1Password 7 for Windows. The thing is that it is a relatively new app and we have a lot of catching up to do, including a prompt to save changes you've made to an item. Please be sure that it is on our list.

    If you have any other suggestions or questions, please let me know. Thank you! :+1:


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @cpmcgrath,

    This is one of the higher priority features that we do plan to fix sooner. This can lead to data loss as you've shown and we will have a confirmation dialog when you press the esc key accidentally.

    ref: opw/opw#1900

  • Hi, slightly related to this. It also doesn't prompt for confirmation when you move to the trash

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    That one is actually a bit different, @cpmcgrath, in that you can always restore items from the trash. Open the trash, find the item, right-click, "Restore from trash". This works whether you just trashed it or trashed it a year ago. So long as it's in the trash, it's not really gone. Where we do prompt for confirmation is at the point where those items would actually be "destroyed" – when you empty the trash. Even then, you can restore them from item history for a time, but it definitely becomes more of a fuss and the scales are pretty well tipped in favor of being extra careful. That's not to say trashing an item doesn't deserve a confirmation – maybe it does and it's worth considering – but the danger isn't so great as when you fat finger esc. All the same, I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the team. :chuffed:

  • The problem I found with the delete, is someone on the team deleted some items without realising it. And we only found out they were gone when someone else went to use it. We were able to restore them, but if we had cleared the trash, then they would be lost.

    Further to this am optional "Delete reason" would be really useful - sometimes it could be Automatic: "Moved to vault Y" but just having it pop up for confirmation of delete, which you can quickly press enter on, and gives you a chance to give a reason seems like an awesome enhancement.

    Side note: looking through the trash, I had several heart attacks of "Why is that deleted? Oh, it was just moved to another vault." So the "Moved to vault Y" would have really helped.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @cpmcgrath: I'm sorry if I am misunderstanding, but you should be able to use item history to restore them even if the Trash was emptied. Someone would have to, quite intentionally, send them to the Trash, empty the Trash, and then also Destroy that specifically in Archived Items. I'm not sure that it's a good user experience to make the user justify it any time they delete something, but I understand where you're coming from, and this that having a few opportunities to pause and consider before destroying data is helpful. Let me know what you think. :)

    Anyway, I agree with you about the items that were Trashed as part of the move (copy and delete) process, but I'm not sure there's really a solution for that at this time. It's something we'll consider though.

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