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I tried to install version 7 and I had version 3 prior. I had a few issues, but I'm now left with version 7 and I can not access version 3. I even tried to copy version 3 app from the backup and it won't open the vault. So, right now, I have the backup file agile... keychain_zip files in the backup library. I'm looking for a way to open the file or convert it so that I see the text, and I can then retype my information into version 7. Is there anyway to import the backup into version 7 or to just convert it to another file type so I can manually access it. My backup file is in my /library folder on my mac, if that makes a difference as well.

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  • shaijoshishaijoshi
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    Ok, I just saw another post, and I think I solved it. I went into Time Machine and found a version of the agilekeychain from prior to my version 7 install. Then, I imported that file in, and I pretty much seem to have everything I needed now

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @shaijoshi: Thanks for the update! I did want to follow up though since I noticed you said you "pretty much seem to have everything". If you mean that there is potentially stuff in the 1Password backup archive that you need, you should know that a .agilekeychain_zip file is literally just a zipped AgileKeychain vault. If you change the extension to .zip, you can decompress it and you'll have your actual vault from the time that backup was saved. Anyway, we're here if you need anything. :)

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