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1Password beta for Windows release notes (revision history)


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Alpha release 1 (



  • Alpha release 2 (

    • multiple Dropbox accounts support
    • multiple OneDrive accounts support

      • app folder on OneDrive (the only place 1Password reaches) is /Apps/1Password Alpha
    • added ordered favorites support

    • migrations mechanics added

      • migration to remove previously used single Dropbox authorization from user settings
    • improved navigation stack to avoid duplicate entries when refreshing a page

    • added ARM platform support for Windows Store
    • focus improvements on Phone search
    • fixed sync command that caused crash when running on the same vault multiple times in parallel
    • fixed some typos and improved some messages
  • Alpha Release 3 (

    • sorting OneDrive folders by name
    • displaying OneDrive path instead of folder id for connected vaults
    • added more strings to localization files
    • trashed folders and items are not visible anymore
    • fixed looping sync when synced vault is empty or contains deleted items only
    • fixed crash on Manage Vaults page when there is no network connection
    • fixed lagging sync for OneDrive/Dropbox, we expect changes to be visible within seconds now
    • fixed some typos and improved some messages
    • fixed case when passwords sometimes were not concealed
  • Alpha Release 4 (

    • improved URL detection in fields
    • Auto Lock setting (note, application will still be locked if Windows terminates process, which is more likely for low memory devices)
    • Conceal Passwords setting
    • non-syncing vaults are moved to at the end on Manage Vaults page (you really dont want to use a non-synced vault)
    • improvements in database access layer
  • Alpha Release 5 (

    • keyword page on Quick Tour replaced with a newsletter sign up page
    • back button will not navigate back to unlock page
    • rich icons are cached for 7 days to reduce network consumption and improve vault opening times
    • rich icons are reused if they are already in memory
    • rich icons will not be downloaded on metered connections, in roaming or when approaching data limit
    • renamed "manage vaults" button to "manage" at vault list page on the phone
    • sync button moved to primary commands at nav page on the phone
    • pin to start/unpin from start commands are moved to menu flyout attached to settings button next to vault in vaults list
    • fixed broken pin to start
    • fixed broken folder sync
  • Alpha Release 6 (

    • improved current activities reporting with more details to help troubleshooting
    • unified Settings dashboard with Manage Vaults, Options, Current Activities, Crash Reports, Advanced Options, Help and About
    • fixed some layout and style issues
    • fixed duplicate signup slide on quick tour
  • Alpha Release 7 (

    • preparations to move to Windows 10, this is one of the last Windows 8 releases
    • changes in quick tour to make connection with OneDrive/Dropbox/Folder sync folders easier and support both .agilekeychain and .opvault formats
    • new incremental database technology AppDb
    • AppDb never loses user data; it's backing up continuously
    • AppDb can restore whole database or particular item to any point in the past
    • AppDb can spot corruption and recover survived data
    • removed dependencies on x86, x64 or ARM platforms - whole app is AnyCPU now
    • improvements in OneDrive/Dropbox/Folder download technology
    • improvements in .opvault folder format parser
    • .agilekeychain folder format parser (currently planning read-only)
    • fixed item list that could have been empty after first start
    • don't invoke sync on empty vault when there is no sync setup (empty new local vault)
    • improved current activities presentation and logging to help troubleshooting
    • fixed or eliminated most common crashes
    • phone supports landscape and portrait modes now
    • phone UI reduced to two pages - list and item, switching between categories is done via nav menu now
    • sync can be invoked from item or list page on the phone
  • Alpha Release 8 (

    • fix for empty where is your vault page
  • Alpha Release 9 (1.1508.20)

    • in coming support for Windows 10 version numbering changed to 1..*10
    • added nav menu to "Enter vault password" screen with ability to switch to other vaults
    • folders support in .agilekeychain
    • fixed crash when downloading files from Dropbox/OneDrive
    • fixed crash on some unsupported keys in .agilekeychain
    • fixed grey screen after unlocking app
  • Alpha Release 10 (1.1508.60)

    • 1Password is Windows 10 UWP application now, same code runs on desktops, tablets, phones and other Windows 10 devices
    • deleted folders detection in .agilekeychain
    • fixed Padding crash (Windows 8.1)
    • support back button at settings page (Winows Phone 8.1)
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    Alpha Release 11 (1.1508.100) Windows 10 only

    • improved sending of crash reports, now we open email directly instead of relying on data sharing
    • improved HTTP client and newsletter signup
    • improved OneDrive communications
    • improved .agilekeychain key reading
    • improved internal UI routing
    • animated sync button
    • fixed bug in current activities rendering
    • fixed some concurrency bugs
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    Alpha Release 12 (1.1508.143) Windows 10 only

    • attempt to deploy for Windows 10 Mobile 10.0.10160.0 (currently available to Windows Insider participants)
    • autohide nav pane when navigating in narrow window
    • hide empty categories, except for Logins, Credit Cards, Identities and Secure Notes
    • manage vaults is moved away from settings to vaults list (add vault button)
    • rich icons are cached for 90 days now
    • improved grouping, sorting and filtering of items list (note: favorites are sorted by favorite index, not item title)
    • improved quick tour layouts
    • send crash report button will be visible when there are crash reports
    • fixed OneDrive crash on attempt to list vaults when no vaults are found
    • fixed some crashes on vault navigation
    • fixed folder duplication bug
    • fixed missing rich icons
    • fixed missing favorites for .agilekeychain
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    Alpha Release 13 (1.1511.22)

    Note: This release of the alpha app is available in the Windows 10 Store only. No further releases of 1Password for Windows Modern are planned for Windows 8.1 devices.

    • 1Password for Teams ( support
    • bugs, many bugs are squashed and removed. And yet, we believe there are many things we can (should and will) improve in the coming updates. Please have backups of your critical data when you play with edit and don't hesitate to write to support at [email protected] or ask in forums for help or to let us know that something isn't working well (even when it's obvious).
    • Lots of changes done and more on the way, we are coming back to "release often" life style
    • items can be edited and saved in .opvault format (not synced yet, we are working on it)
    • items can be edited in .agilekeychanin format, but save disabled until we finish all tests
    • vaults selector is also the place to manage your connections to OneDrive, Dropbox, Folders and Teams
    • all open connections and vaults information is encrypted and stored in roaming profile. That's right, you just connect on one device and other Windows 10 devices, using the same Microsoft account, will have your connections shortly. Roaming speed depends on multiple factors and managed by Windows 10 itself. If you do not see connections appearing right away, give it a little time or try to force roaming profile sync by locking Windows user.
    • master key protected is stored in Password Vault protected by master password (hit Windows key and type "Web Credentials" to find it, look for op:// resource). Every 1Password for Windows Modern app is reacting to change of master password by locking itself as soon as changes are detected in Password Vault.
    • long awaited search of vaults everywhere in OneDrive, just like we did it with Dropbox. No more app folder requirement ;)
    • settings button is now using a flyout menu instead of inline UI
    • "Scan control code" command in Settings menu to use your device's camera to control 1Password (our support may send you some QR codes to get the job done) or you can use it to scan Emergency Kit from 1Password for Teams to quickly regain access to your team!
    • current activities renamed to live log
    • you can now copy, save to file or send email with live log
    • you can now send email with crashes or open folder with crash reports. We hope you don't need that, but we know there will be bugs and crashes and we want to get them fixed as soon as possible.
    • vault title and icon are part of nav button now
    • removed duplicate username/password fields from login items
    • advanced options are gone, they are replaced with special links and QR codes
    • use op://reset in your browser or in Run dialog (Windows+R key) or type "start op://reset" in command line to initiate total wipe of application roaming and local settings and folders. You master password will not be erased, this can be done manually only at Windows Credential Manager. Note, that data on Teams, OneDrive, Dropbox or user folders is not erased or affected, to access it again you will have to open connections and vaults again. (and please, dont try to spam your friends with op://reset links - we do ask Master Password and seek cofirmation from user before we bring destruction ;)
    • recognize database item type from .agilekeychain
    • startup speed and speed of vaults opening are improved
    • vaults refresh progress indicators are added
  • Alpha Release 15 (1.1511.50)

    • address field editor with separate fields for street, city, state, postal code and country
    • fixed address field storage format
    • secure notes editor is multiline now
    • added emergency way to open a vault when OneDrive can not find it. For example:

      1. open vault folder on OneDrive in browser
      2. URL looks like!117981&cid=C44EBA45532827C9&group=0
        1. Paste it to "Select a vault" dialog
        2. Choose .opvault or .agilekeychain format
      • or use the nerd way -
        1. Take id value (C44EBA45532827C9%21117981 in this example)
        2. Run in browser (or Windows+R key) op://openOneDrive/C44EBA45532827C9%21117981/.opvault
        3. You can use .agilekeychain instead .opvault if you are referring to the older vault format
    • corrected default icon color

    • op://log link will not ask for master password when there is no master password
    • fixed "Create your own team" link
    • improved stability
  • Alpha Release 16 (1.1511.80)

    • fixed crash when launching app
    • fixed crash when manually opening a vault from OneDrive using .opvault format when there is no profile.js file (wrong folder or format selected)
    • encrypting and saving .agilekeychain items (not synced yet, we are working on it)
    • added more warnings when items are corrupted (for example when decryption fails)
    • added subtitles to items list
    • minor styling on vaults/filters buttons
  • Alpha Release 17 (1.1511.160)

    • Teams documents can be downloaded now
    • tags are visible in Team's items
    • unsaved edits are securely stored on the device when you close or minimize window, navigate to other item or otherwise suspending editing.
    • saved edits are securely stored on the device before they are delivered to Teams, OneDrive, Dropbox or folder
    • removed confusing "Open existing vault" from Teams connection
    • Help menu is now used as single entry point for any support (user guide, forums, email to support and extra options). Note, we are aware of sometimes invisible text there, fix is on the way.
    • fixed OneDrive not being able to find your vaults
    • fixed login issues for some teams
    • fixed crash in Teams connection
    • fixed crash in Dropbox connection when it fails to get data folder
    • improved "Swipe left to continue" message to hint that it can also scroll with keyboard/mouse
    • improved some of the error reporting messages
  • Alpha Release 18 (1.1511.190)

    • Large Type - touch/click/ENTER on field to see it's enlarged
    • show vaults list when there are no vaults at the start, so user can open vaults from Teams/OneDrive/Dropbox/folders
    • some styling, layout and navigation improvements
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    Welcome to the brand new 1Password beta for Windows 10!

    What began as a read-only interface for your 1Password data is now a proud standalone app with improved search, better performance and more. Our developers have put a lot of work into the new version to make it beta-worthy. You can check out the full list of changes below, but here are a few of our favourites:

    • Teams support: Access your 1Password for Teams data on your Windows 10 device.
    • Improved search: Find the item you're looking for, fast.
    • Streamlined UI: Better user experience, based on your feedback!
    • Snappier performance: 1Password can swiftly handle your vault, no matter how many items it protects.

    1Password for Windows 10 will be growing and improving even more over the coming months, and we thank you for beta testing the app and helping us to make it the best that it can be! Tell us what you love, and what needs a little bit of polish in our discussion forums (link), or reach out to us on Twitter (

    Beta 1 (2015.12.100)

    [NEW] Team permissions are respected by the client (the server always enforced them, but now you'll have less confusion)
    [NEW] Added: item title editing
    [NEW] Added: support for latest Teams encryption algorithms to enable Teams in Microsoft Edge
    [NEW] View user permissions in Team vault properties dialog
    [NEW] Ctrl+F activates search
    [IMPROVED] Files from OneDrive/Dropbox are pulled smarter and faster than before
    [IMPROVED] Search box moved to navigation menu
    [IMPROVED] Vault filters shown immediately when vault is selected
    [IMPROVED] Buttons to add and edit items have been moved at the bottom of the screen
    [IMPROVED] Phone layouts are refined
    [IMPROVED] Rich icons are cached in local cache folder instead of temp folder
    [IMPROVED] All .agilekeychain items are loaded, including ones missing in the index file (contents.js) or with unknown content
    [IMPROVED] Username for sync service is now displayed next to connection source on sync screen
    [IMPROVED] Unfinished edits are now marked with a yellow stripe in the items list
    [IMPROVED] Committed edits that are waiting to be synced are marked with green stripe in items list
    [FIXED] Fixed Browse button
    [FIXED] Many small and large issues that caused us all grief are gone now

  • Beta 2 (2015.12.200)

    [NEW] you can add items to teams now
    [NEW] "Settings\Options\Use system consent verifier (pin or biometric) when available" is turned on by default and will be used if you have setup PIN to unlock your system or have fingerprint/biometric registered. Note this feature works after you have entered your master password once and while app is in memory.
    [IMPROVED] vault sync progress bars
    [IMPROVED] phone layouts
    [IMPROVED] hide tags section when there are no tags
    [FIXED] endless team vaults reload loop
    [FIXED] some crashes

  • Beta 3 (2015.12.900)

    • [NEW] simple password generator added, more on the way!
    • [IMPROVED] support phones layout with software buttons
    • [IMPROVED] icons are loaded using queue in batch mode, that will reduce lags when opening larger vaults
    • [IMPROVED] tags in .opvault item viewer
    • [IMPROVED] support custom icons in .opvault
    • [FIXED] favorites filter is repaired
    • [FIXED] team items editing could cause crashes
    • [FIXED] few places where app could crash
    • [FIXED] crashes when some files in Dropbox had too long file names
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    Beta 4 (2015.12.1800)

    • [NEW] select multiple items and copy them to your 1Password for Teams vaults
    • [NEW] copy password to clipboard after opening web browser, to make life easier before browser integration comes
    • [NEW] to find item by UUID simply type UUID in the search box
    • [IMPROVED] internal logic to rebuild grouped, sorted and filtered item list
    • [IMPROVED] join team dialog has more hints on the expected inputs now
    • [IMPROVED] style and layouts
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    Beta 5 (2016.1.101)

    • [NEW] You can now open a Login item's web site in 1Browser and have 1Password fill and submit the login form!
    • [NEW] Added 1Browser as the default browser for go-and-fill.
    • [NEW] Added Ctrl+E as alternative for searching. (Ctrl+F is still available.)
    • [FIXED and ENHANCED] Multiple improvements and bug fixes. Please keep reporting any problems in this forum.

    they say one picture worth a 1000 words

  • Beta 6 (2016.1.700)

    • [NEW] TOTP field viewer
    • [IMPROVED] some minor styling
    • [FIXED] opening 1Browser for .agilekeychain
  • Beta 7 (2016.1.701)

    • [IMPROVED] TOTP styling
    • [FIXED] TOTP calculation and error detection are improved
  • Beta 8 (2016.1.1000)

    • [IMPROVED] url is shown for logins and passwords
    • [IMPROVED] creating login, secure note and password item in teams now provide correct list of fields to fill
    • [IMPROVED] improved stability when dealing with trashed items
    • [IMPROVED] messages and labels across various places
  • Beta 9 (2016.1.1200)

    • [NEW] select multiple items from your Teams vault and remove them
    • [IMPROVED] 1Browser stops long running scripts (you can turn it off in settings\options\1Browser)
    • [IMPROVED] 1Browser now provide warnings when unsafe content detected or navigation error occurs
    • [IMPROVED] 1Browser shows loading progress
    • [IMPROVED] stability of items list
    • [IMPROVED] copying items with multiple URLs is supported now
  • Beta 10 (2016.2.1400)

    • [NEW] access your Team's items while you are offline
    • [IMPROVED] faster startup time
    • [IMPROVED] less network traffic
    • [IMPROVED] most settings use local storage instead of roaming to avoid roaming sync issues
    • [IMPROVED] not using Credential Manager anymore to store encrypted master key
    • [IMPROVED] consistency in labels with other 1Password apps
    • [IMPROVED] "Call for help" button to get in touch with us in less clicks
    • [IMPROVED] "Join a Team or add Vaults" button is easier to discover now
    • [IMPROVED] more legacy categories can be opened now
    • [FIXED] sign in to the Team now can work with any mix of upper/lower case in email
    • [FIXED] trashed items should not stick on the screen anymore
    • [FIXED] order of templates in + item button
    • [FIXED] focusing search box after loading screen
  • Beta 11 (2016.2.1401)

    • [IMPROVED] Ctrl+N key can be used to add new item
    • [FIXED] search on the phones do not jump back to item list after using a suggestion
    • [FIXED] back button in items list will return you to your previous app, just like it should according to Windows guidelines
  • Beta 12 (2016.2.1500)

    • [FIXED] bank account fields are visible now
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    Beta 13 (2016.2.2400)

    • [NEW] I speak a little of English, French, German, Russian and Spanish now :)
    • [IMPROVED] database code has been revisited, we expect less crashes and more responsive UI now
    • [IMPROVED] a number of places that could cause a crash during sync or initial access
    • [FIXED] stop crashing when selecting invalid vault folder
    • [FIXED] ignore unusually large item files or when they do not have proper JSON inside
    • [REMOVED] requirement to sign up for newsletter at the first start, we know you want to get to your data faster
  • Beta 14 (2016.2.2600)

    • [IMPROVED] more translations
    • [FIXED] few uncommon crashes
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