Editing Web Form details -- edit as in add and _remove_ form fields

In 1Password 4 we could edit the details of the webform for a login -- this is mostly missing in 1Password 6. Boo.. :-) I see we can change the value of a field, but what's often the most important is to not have that field there in the first place. Blanking our the value doesn't stop 1Password from filling the field. Can we please have full edit of Web Form section back? It was invaluable.

1Password Version: 1Password 6.6.407d
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10
Sync Type: Family


  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @WaldenL: Yep! It isn't something we can add right now, but we're working on that and a number of other improvements to the detail/edit view for a future update. Thanks for your patience and passion for this feature! :)

  • Please try to prioritize that. I know it sounds trivial, but that can be a killer when 1Password remembers too much on a login screen.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @WaldenL: There are some more critical things we're working on right now with regard to browser integration and the app in general, but this is definitely on our list.

    I am curious though about the issue you're running in to. If you'd be willing to share the URL and more details about the problem you're having, it may be something we can improve with 1Password more generally. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty

    Here's an example of why the ability for me edit/remove the web form fields is important.

    The following "Proxy Login" page permits Staff the ability to login as users in order to debug the user's issue. 1Password is remembering the first student whose ID I use when I proxy login. From there on out I cannot proxy login as other students.

    When I blank out the web form field in the Vault it blanks it out and submits the form without a ID (ID is required). If I enter an ID before Ctrl+\ it overwrites what I've provided with what's in the vault (an empty form field). Perhaps I don't have it configured correctly. I'm using 1Password: Password Manager and Secure Wallet on Windows 7 with Chrome 58.0.3029.110. Same in Firefox last time I tried.

    All the best,

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    I think that also illustrates just how niche an advanced feature this is, but you're right that it can be very helpful in some situations. Cheers! :)

  • Yes it's niche, and my example is similarly specific to our SaaS application, but for power users it's also rather important, and it was there in 1Password 4. :-) Believe me I understand the realities of prioritizing the backlog, but there's a bottle of scotch in it for someone! :-)

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    Hi @WaldenL, thank you for sharing your background! We really appreciate it. :+1:

    We are working really hard to improve 1Password 6 every day and the feature you are talking about is on our list. Please stay tuned!


  • I want to second this feature request -- I have recently switched from LastPass and the lack of this feature has been a sticking point in my transition. I have several internal sites that work similarly to the OP's. For a public-facing example, consider aa.com -- it has three fields that are login-related and lots of unrelated fields on the homepage. Saving the login saves the values of all the unrelated fields (like trip dates, cities, etc.) and then overwrites them when later auto-filling the login. It's work-around-able, but it's annoying, and this seems like a relatively straightforward feature to implement within the existing 1Password UI.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @mh4ll: Thanks! It's something we'll consider.

    But the aa.com example strikes me as an odd one. I'd encourage you to create a new discussion and ping me. While they have different login forms which are setup differently, I haven't encountered issues like what you're describing. Maybe there's something else we can improve there.

  • How can we manually edit this? I've been hitting this issue for years

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @wandy_applesood: Can you be more specific? What are you trying to edit? Which versions are you using? If you're having trouble with a specific site, please let us know the URL so we can try to help. :)

  • Hi, @brenty,

    I was trying to edit the web form IDs being used in 1Password.

    Fix was doing a JSON export, re-import. Being in the UI would be really helpful, since websites break a lot, and that's the only way to fix it and preserve history.

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @wandy_applesood: I agree that it would be nice in some situations to be able to edit webform details in the app, but I have no sense of the issue you were running into here or the "fix" without any context. In the vast majority of cases it is not necessary to manually edit Login items, and frankly we'd rather solve the underlying issues if we can since most users won't (and, frankly, shouldn't have to) resort to such measures. I'm glad you were able to get it working, but I'd love to know the specifics so we can continue to make 1Password better at dealing with website filling issues.

  • I have also experienced this issue. After you've created an account on a website that also contains the login form, it auto-fills the account creation details instead. An example of this would be https://fsaid.ed.gov. If you create an account, it will fill the account creation form instead of the login form when you try to log in.

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    Hi @striker4150,

    Thanks for reporting that site.

    That is a difficult issue since they put both forms on the same page and 1Password wants to save anything you filled in.

    For this situation, I would recommend copying/pasting via 1Password mini on the login form only and save it manually to update the original Login item (click on 1Password icon on the browser's toolbar, click on Settings to select Save New Login, then update the previous item). This didn't fill in the other form for me in the updated item.

  • My usual solution for the scenario @striker4150 is asking about is just to fill in the login info on the actual login page, then delete the entry from 1Pass, then login and let it get created fresh with the proper form layout.

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    That would work too. It is slightly more risky because the auto-save may not always work but it is not like you can't restore from Trash later.

  • pauLeepauLee Junior Member

    Hi, it's an very old thread but still relevant. I also miss this feature now in 1PW7. Is there any progress or is it still "we're working on that"?

  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    Begging your pardon, but the only way we're going to make progress is if we're working on it. ;)

    The contents of webform fields can be edited. More advanced editing will be added as part of a larger editor refresh in a future update.

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    The only workaround I've found to reliably update web form details is this:

    1. Fill but do not submit the login form: use the "type in window" feature, or just copy and paste into the login form and complete any other fields how you want them, like "remember me" checkboxes.
    2. Delete the saved login from 1Pass (just to trash, not totally gone).
    3. Submit the form.
    4. Save the "new" login in 1Pass.
    5. Rename the new one to match the trashed one.

    This will sort out issues where there are significant differences between sign-up and log-in forms, or where the login form has been altered, or you just want it to autofill different details.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    That's certainly an option, @roy_orbison, and our recommendation is generally rather similar with a small tweak. Instead of deleting/resaving, you should be able to manually save the item following these steps:


    You can then delete the old item after. This does mean you've got to give that new item a unique name so you know which to keep, but it allows you to keep that old item around until you've got the new one saved. It's a tiny thing, but I always say that being a bit paranoid when it comes to 1Password data is generally wise, so if I can recommend something that never leaves you with an item that has the proper data for that Login in it, that's always the path I'll choose. :+1:

  • @bundtkate Logins in the trash are not gone, and retain all their data. Are there versions of 1Pass that don't have a Trash? Seems easier to give the exact same name rather than rename it twice, to me. It's pretty obvious the new one is not the one in the trash.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    Oh, no, you're totally right, @roy_orbison, and if it works for you I'd keep at it. But I actually have spoken with a number of folks who think that when an item is deleted, it's gone so manually saving can be a bit clearer and more foolproof for some. It's certainly not the only way forward.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I think that it's a matter of time available and priority of fixes, rather than difficulty. Unfortunately there are just so many hours in the day, so our developers are currently working on other tasks that have higher priority.

  • Speaking as a provider of SaaS software, and a past developer, sometimes the “lower priority” stuff is more important than you realize. Leaving stuff like this lying around too long starts to make us that want/need it think you only care about others. Especially when this capability existed in the old product. It’s really shouldn’t take more than a day (and probably much less) to implement this. Please.... pretty please.... with sugar on top...

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    You're right, @WaldenL, but the same could be said of any feature, save whatever so happens to be at the top of the pile at the time. And heck, there are probably folks who are going to think we're not even working on the top of the pile quick enough. Prioritization is, by its very nature, saying no (for now) to some things so we can say yes to something else. There are going to be folks who want the thing we said no to, whether it's new, old, or something in between.

    Without committing too much because these sorts of plans are always fluid, the item details generally need some attention and we really want to give them that attention. As you may have seen in your past work, one way these little things get sorted is by bundling them into a bigger thing impacting the same areas of the app or service. I'd expect that we'll have more interesting thoughts on editing web form details as we start working on the item details in general.

    To expound a bit more on Ana's mention of hours in the day, too, we're in the middle of a really big and really important project right now that we genuinely can't push back. If you look around the forum, you'll probably see quite a few folks hankering for version 7.4 and a fair bit of discussion about exactly why. It really needs to be the focus for the moment and may take longer yet than anyone (us included) would like to polish off, but it's gotta be done. Until then, things both "lower priority" and less so are going to have to sit for a bit, but we definitely look forward to getting 7.4 out the door and having an opportunity to take a closer look at that pile and start moving more things to the top for the next version. :chuffed:

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