So how safe is it using a beta version of 1Password over the stable release please?

Is there any difference except bugs ?

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    Hi @ttim03,

    Thanks for writing in.

    If you mean in terms of security, it's the same between both, they're both safe to use. We never ship any builds, beta or stable that does not have anything related to security tested. Everything relating to security is already internally tested by humans and we even have around 500 new unit tests running on every code change we make to 1Password 7.3 now and a few thousands more planned over the next year as we continue to build up 1Password 7.

    In fact, when we ship the last beta build, we would reused the same build and it is renamed to be the stable build once we're sure there are no regressions.

    One of the difficulties about testing on Windows is that there are millions of different configurations such as Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 versions that everyone use that may not work the same way. Then there are drivers, installed software that everyone uses and so on.

    By using our beta build and making sure there is nothing broken you will help us ensure 1Password 7 will run on more machines without any problems.

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