1Password mini not getting the keyboard focus



  • Definitely.... downloading it now.

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    Thanks, here's 🤞for good news.

  • OK... been keeping an eye out for this with the new betas, not sure I have seen it, exactly, but I did see something odd with the secure desktop.

    No entry when typing. Focus in the field, typing, and saw nothing. When I exited the desktop to see where it went, nothing looking like an entry field had my password in it (in the browser, in the url, in open note) so it went nowhere.... Edit: So I just went to secure desktop again to check my version and it happened again, Might be that even though the field shows it is still starting up? (there was a long delay for the desktop to show) 7.3.612....

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    Hi @AlwaysSortaCurious,

    That would be a separate issue since the issue was 1Password mini and Secure Desktop is a whole different game.

    We show the dialog when it is ready, not before that.

    That could be an interference somewhere on your system (which may also explain your mini focusing issue). Can you check task manager (Control + Alt + Del while on 1Password secure desktop to select Task Manager) to see if there's any abnormal CPU usage by any programs like it is trying to get into the secure desktop?

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