1P frame for chrome, UX suggestion

I think, current 1P frame for Ctrl+\ , which shown at bottom left corner is not intuitive enough.
Better is to use mac-like layout : with centered frame, popped down from the center of addressbar. LIke Safari do.
As well as it is great idea to remove close button, which hides 1P frame, and create cancel button, which do same task. This frame is not window - why it needs close button?
And if it looks like window, it have close button like a window... I expect it to close by pressing Ctrl+F4 hotkey, as I do for closing any popup windows. But it don't close. Current Chrome tab closes. Very UX-frustrating.


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    Hi AlexMat,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    The Chrome extension should not be shown in the bottom left corner. It is the same in Windows as in OS X: top left corner. The behavior of the 1Password Safari extension is also the same in Windows and OS X. It is not an OS issue but a browser issue. Each browser is different in what extension APIs it provides.

    As always, pressing CTRL+F4 will close your current tab. No extension can change that. Please don't press CTRL+F4 unless you want to close your tab. I prefer CTRL+W myself, but either one will do the job.

    Just press ESC to dismiss the 1Password extension.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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