Masked email option showing 4 digit number only on iOS

I previously reported this issue a while ago when it was affecting all of my devices. One of your team correctly identified it was an address field that has this number and suggested I re-label it. Once I did, the problem went away on Windows (windows 10 screenshot). But the issue still stands in iOS (screenshot). I've also added a screenshot showing the number in my vault as just a simple text field. I'm assuming this field is still the culprit but have no idea what else to do.

The problem is when the "Create Masked Email" option appears on a website, I am presented with creating a new email, using my default email or this "6756" number.

The screenshots attached are all from the same website for comparison.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

1Password Version: 7.9.3 on iOS
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15.1
Referrer: forum-search:masked email


  • Hi @two7offsuit,

    Thanks for writing back about this, and I'm sorry you're still running into this. 1Password for Safari on iOS currently will show items from all of your vaults, whether or not they are selected to show in All Vaults in the 1Password for iOS app or 1Password in your browser on the desktop. Is it possible that there is a second copy of this Identity item that still contains the "6756" email address somewhere in your 1Password account that you have hidden in All Vaults in both 1Password for iOS and 1Password for your browser on your Windows device? Let me know and we'll be able to investigate further, thanks!


  • You @jack.platten are a genius! I removed the offending item from the iOS browser vault and alas 6756 has finally been buried and i can sleep well tonight.

    Thanks so much. You guys rock.

  • Awesome @two7offsuit, you are very welcome! :smile:


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