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Hi! I've been using 1Password for years and haven't had any issues yet. But some time ago I've noticed that the window with the logins and passwords started blinking and when I scrolled it down it blinked and refreshed a few times. Only after that I could pick the right login and password. Sometimes when I point and click to the line with the login it started blinking again and scrolled by itself back to the beginning. I thought it might be caused by Java and today updated it but now I can't use 1Password at all. It's blinking all the time and when I try to click on the login it freezes and doesn't respond. Please advise on how I can fix it!


  • May someone look into it please?

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    We do not use Java, so Java itself wouldn't impact 1Password at all.

    it sounds like you may have an aggressive anti-virus scanner that scans on file activity. As you scroll, 1Password has to read, decrypt, and show it to you, which may blink because of the scanning process that slows it down.

    Try this: open the main 1Password app, go to the View Menu > Show Password Strength to stop showing the color bars. Now, see if 1Password scrolls up and down smoothly.

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    Here's an undocumented setting that might help you:

    1. open regedit

    2. navigate to this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Agile Web Solutions\1Password

    3. right-click in the name/value panel, then click: New > DWORD Value

    4. enter the following new value name: "WatchDataDir" (no quotes)

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    @MikeT Thanks! Ok, then it's not Java. I use McAfee anti-virus and I haven't any issues or conflicts with 1Password before.

    I tried switching of the Show Password Strength and it doesn't help.

    Any other advises?

  • @Stefan von Dutch Thanks! It worked out! Now it works just fine!

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    Hi @AndreyKr,

    That's great, it forces the app to switch to a different way to watch the changes coming into the app and stops the blinking since it doesn't need to refresh that often.

    On behalf of Stefan, you're welcome.

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