revert vaults back from 1Password 7 to 1Password 6


How do I revert my vaults that got upgraded to 1Password version 7 back to version 6?

I don't want to upgrade to version 7 at this time. When the upgrade showed up I was in a hurry and clicked through it. Now want to revert the vaults and go back to my working paid for version 6 apps on my Mac an iPhone. I love 1Password but don't want to upgrade at this time.

All I want to do is downgrade back to version 6 for now. Please help.

1Password Version: 7 and 6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @boz!

    If you look inside your Applications folder, do you see a 1Password 6 zip file in there?

  • yes. Oh. I unzipped it and was able to get to my stuff. Thanks!

  • brentybrenty

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    Glad that Ana was able to to help! 1Password 6 supports the same vault/account types that 1Password 7 does, so it's no problem. We're here if you need anything else. Cheers! :)

  • I'm in the same boat, and need to revert to 1Password 6 after mistakenly installing version 7.

    I unzipped the file, but when I launch 1Password 6, it generates a dialog saying it's trying to connect to 1Password Mini, then another dialog box opens saying "An updated version is required. Your saved data appears to be newer than this version. Please upgrade your copy of 1Password to its latest version." The dialog box has a Quit button, but when clicked, only dismisses the dialog. Eight seconds later, the same dialog box appears. In fact, just while typing this message, I've had to dismiss that dialog more than dozen times.

    So what's the secret to getting 1Password 6 to look in the correct place for its data?

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @BlacknWhite,

    We can't recommend using an older version. 1Password 6 has been retired and is no longer being updated. As a security focused company we'd always recommend running the latest versions of all of your software, but especially your operating system, web browser(s), and 1Password. If you opt to revert to an earlier version that is your prerogative, but it isn't something we can recommend. That said, licenses never expire, and so you can continue using any version you've licensed for as long as it works for you. As things continue to evolve around the now retired v6 it will be less and less practical to continue using it. For example, the upcoming Safari 13 will be using an all new extension framework, and as such will not work with v6. If you'd like to revert to v6 instructions can be found here, but that should be considered a temporary measure.


  • gcoreforcegcoreforce Junior Member

    What's up with Password 7?! Hate it so far. I've been with 1Pwd since the very beginning but this is version 7 is a nuisance to the point I'm already looking for an alternative. In Version 6, it was a breeze to arrive at a website and press a shortkey and log it. Simple. Version 7, you press the short key, and the app opens, then you have to search for the website, then you have to click auto fill, and if it's a 2 step process, then you have to go back again to Passwd and click auto fill again! Ridiculous. Version 6 and previous, was 1 stop - IN. I sincerely hope techs will look at this and fix. The whole point is to be secure and quick. Version 7, I might as well go back to a secure Word doc if I have to keep referring back 3-5 times

  • brentybrenty

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    In Version 6, it was a breeze to arrive at a website and press a shortkey and log it.

    @gcoreforce: That's how it works in version 7 as well. I just did it to sign in myself. :) You mentioned having to search. Do you maybe not have 1Password Preferences > Mini > Open 1Password to Suggestions set?

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