1Password Development Preview 0.8.9


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Good morning and welcome to Monday!

This week, we have been continuing on with last week's theme of item editing by fixing a variety of user interface bugs. We have our heads down as we get our current features polished and as we finish the additional features that we know you want for a Beta release.

Custom Fields

Our new feature this week is the ability to add custom fields to items. These fields can be added to any item.

Once you are in edit mode, find the "add more" text.

New and Improved

  • New custom fields can be added to items. 🎉 !3354
  • Pressing the enter key in the username field will no longer clear the username. #2905
  • Clicking the username suggestion now inserts it correctly into the username field. #2905
  • Field focus ring is no longer cut off at the bottom when navigating through the fields. #2905
  • 1Password now properly blocks multiple 1Password account sign-ins from the same 1Password membership. #2496
  • Some items, that are not of Login or Password categories, didn't show saved website fields. #2360
  • 1Password correctly displays the full name of the menu fields such as the Database's type or Wireless Router's wireless security field. #2903
  • If more than one account experienced an authentication error at the same time, 1Password can now show the dialog for the affected accounts instead of a single dialog. #2930
  • Experiment with a new actions menu above the edit button. !3473

Installing and upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

As always, we continue to be grateful to all of you who are testing 1Password for Linux and who provide feedback, both the positive and the negative. We could not get this far without knowing how you feel about our work. Our development team will be active in this forum so when you find issues please let us know here. 🤗


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