Manage two-factor authentication for all users -SCIM

I would like to enforce everyone two-factor authentication for my whole organization.

When I am enabling "enforce two-factor authentication" , I got this info from 1Password

****These changes may impact your entire team:

You won’t be able to use the 1Password SCIM bridge as it doesn’t support two-factor authentication.**_****

I use SCIM bridge to automate of creation of user.

In this point , I would like to learn that " Does SCIM bridge affect user settings once created there" ?

If any has experience about enforcing two-factor authentication whole organization. If apply in my scenario, there will be any problem for created user?

Thanks for help.

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Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi Community,

    Can any Team member help me, please ?

    There are more than 200 users. I do not want to get any trouble with this issue. I need your recommendation.

    Thanks for help ...

  • Hello. Thank you for writing in, and apologies for the delayed response.

    I can confirm that Enforced MFA currently does not allow the SCIM Bridge to function.

    We are aware of this issue and are working towards a resolution in the near future.

  • Do we know when this will be resolved? I'd really like to not be in the business of reminding people to set up 2FA.

  • 1P_Amanda1P_Amanda

    Team Member

    Hi @Alex_Scoble,

    We don't usually commit to release dates to make sure we allow adequate time to develop and test a great solution, but we are in the final testing phases so it will be announced soon!


  • ag_audreyag_audrey

    Team Member

    Hello everyone!

    We're super excited to announce that 1Password now supports enforced two-factor authentication while using automated provisioning 🎉

    You can read more about enforced MFA and our other new features in our blog post:

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