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Im new to password managers. I have only ever use Google Chrome. I have sorted, changed deleted many password entries to narrow down all the password issues I created from when I was younger and naive and to slim down the 500+ passwords. Now I've got it down to 200-220, at the same time I have decided to try a password manager. Testing a few right now, including 1password. I might not be very smart for all of these things but trying to get used to it 😁

I have been able to activate auto fill in my phone (Android, latest version I think). It works on websites and apps for passwords. It asks me to use my fingerprint every time, something I'm trying to get used to or seeing if there are any other settings which are as safe but less unlike the fingerprint every time within the app.

The one problem im seeing I might have from my normal chrome experience is the app not autof filling Addresses and personal information. Either on websites or apps. This is very important to me. To quickly register on new websites, for online shopping, etc. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible with the phone?

Would a website other than English be an issue? Even though I have tried with some that are in English.

Thank you for your help and sorry for the long post 🙊


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    I still can't get address or card information to work on apps or my mobile browser with my phone. Any work arounds?

  • Hi @uptakemeteor. Thanks for getting in touch with us, and for giving 1Password a try.

    1Password for Android currently only supports filling login items using Autofill and Accessibility. We hope to support filling other data types, like addresses and credit cards, in the future. For now, I'd recommend using drag and drop to fill that info.

    That said, with Fingerprint Unlock enabled, you'll be asked to unlock 1Password with your fingerprint any time it locks, but there will be times when you still need to enter your Master Password, so make sure you have it committed to memory. If you're finding Fingerprint Unlock a bit tedious, you can adjust 1Password's lock settings so that it stays unlocked for a set amount of time, while you use other apps.

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