Yubikey vs Biometrics

Can I choose between YubiKey or Fingerprint on for authenticating 1PW on my phone if I use Yubikey on PC, or do I have to use the same on both?
I want to use you use my key on my PC, but I would like to not always have to have it with me to use 1PW on my phone.
Just wanted to check before I made the leap on my PC.
Thanks in advance

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OS Version: Android 10
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  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hi @TyggerBob. YubiKey and Biometric Unlock serve different functions in 1Password, so you can use both, but they'll be required at different times. Let me explain.

    1Password uses encryption to protect your data on your devices, rather than authentication. Authentication is used between your device and our server. So the only time 2FA comes into play is when you're signing into your account from a new device, or a device that was deauthorized, and needs to authenticate with our servers. Once you've signed in, your Master Password does the decryption of your data.

    This is when Biometric Unlock comes into play. Once you're signed into your account, you can enable Biometric Unlock, which allows you to use your fingerprint or face to decrypt your data on your device much of the time, instead of your Master Password.

    So you don't need your Yubikey with you at all times. If you turn on MFA, you'll only need your YubiKey when first signing in on a device, or after you've deauthorized that device from your account. You can enable Biometric Unlock after, and you'll be able to use your fingerprint to unlock 1Password most of the time after that.

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