devices offered are wrong?

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Newbie here. Just installing for first time. Install asks me which of two devices i want to use.

A ) wouldn't it be the device i'm currently using?

B ) It tells me when each of those devices was last used. Neither of those dates are correct... being off by 10 days or so.

These two thing leave a feeling of suspicion for a high security app. Can anyone explain? Thx...


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    Hi @ddrinnan. Thanks for reaching out!

    I'm not quite sure I understand what you're seeing, exactly. When you sign in, you may see 1Password ask which account you want to sign in (if you'd already signed in before), but 1Password for Android won't ask which device you're using. Can you elaborate a bit on where you're seeing this messaging, exactly? If you could provide a screenshot without any personal information visible, that would be much appreciated.

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