how do i get 1password x sub-domain matching to select the right login?



  • guarrdonguarrdon
    Community Member

    Any updates on this? Incredibly frustrating for something so simple.

  • DudeThatsErinDudeThatsErin
    Community Member

    +1 on this. Can we get an official statement?
    As a web dev this is making me want to switch my family to Bitwarden.

  • Daniels90Daniels90
    Community Member

    Also +1 for sub-domain matching. It would be a simple feature to implement as a setting (which could even be turned off by default). But it would at least make sub-domain matching available to the users who, for example, need it desperately due to client privacy.

  • xboxbo Junior Member
    Community Member

    Cmon 1Pass. Just add an option in Preferences: "Allways distinct subdomains" for power users!

  • smwardlesmwardle Junior Member
    Community Member
    edited November 19

    Another +1 here for full URL matches at least displaying first.

  • ferniferni
    Community Member

    +1 for Subdomain Matching. All our tools are hosted under the company domain, so the suggestion list is always huge and the right one is never on top

  • M42celM42cel
    Community Member

    Another +1 for this feature.
    I understand that the current behavior is a feature and it won't make sense to completely change this and now show logins of other subdomains anymore.

    What would be really nice if you had a checkbox when editing the login like:
    [ ] Only suggest if subdomain matches

    What I would expect:
    Login A:
    Login B:

    When checked for both

    Login A would show up for and also * (e.g. but not for and also not or anywhere else.

  • GabrieGabrie
    Community Member

    Well.... colleague has been testing 1Password to be used in our corporate environment. We're a Service Provider, managing about a 100 customers, 5000 servers. After buying 250 licenses 1Password for our company we just discovered this issue and seems he only tested this in his personal situation and not in our corp network :-( Migration to 1Password has come to a halt because of this.

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