how do i get 1password x sub-domain matching to select the right login?



  • TSzabo
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    Thank you, @jack.platten for noting the use of the Public Suffix List; perhaps an extension of that would be handy for these cases. From reading these forums there's a consistent pattern that the user knows "this particular domain behaves like a public suffix". I have this issue with intranet domains. Would it be possible to allow users to maintain such a list under advanced settings (or even in configuration files)?

  • sadoMasupilami
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    I am shocked that 1password does not support that. I used Bitwarden before and it had an option to set how the password matches (e.g. domain, subdomain, exact url....)

  • tabilo
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    @sadoMasupilami I think this is also the way it should be. I am almost considering to switch, because of such a trivial missing feature in 1Password.

  • Joy_1P
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    Hi @sadoMasupilami @tabilo I definitely understand why you would all want this feature. I'll make sure to bring it up again to our team internally.

  • comedygrandee
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    +1 from our corporation. Would be very useful to have this as an option.

  • jimfightclubturtle
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    +1 here as well. I could really use the feature to just see the login for a specific sub.domain and not all logins for the domain

  • Joy_1P
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    @comedygrandee @jimfightclubturtle Really appreciate the feedback. I will pass it along!

  • mourogers
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    +1 The option to only show matching subdomains would be a huge help at our org.

  • whispers2011
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    +1 for this Feature.
    We are evaluating a Passwort Manager right now for our Organisation. This missing feature is a HUGE downside on 1Password and is seen as a core Feature for some of our Employees.

  • pranks
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    +1 Also really missing this feature.

    edited April 2022

    Hey @mourogers, @whispers2011 & @pranks.

    +3 Checked. 😊

    ref: IDEA-I-57

  • shanac
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    One more +1 - I switched to 1Password but it's making my work as a web developer really difficult; I'm always working on subdomains and domains inside --- and
    or and
    and 1Password is suggesting every password on

    I had no problem with different subdomains on my previous password manager, so this is incredibly frustrating.

  • Hi @shanac:

    +1 added! 😀


  • Mickel
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    And another +1 for this feature.

    The urgency and the way in which it should work has been explained often enough. @1Password team, will this actually be developed or will it remain a popular idea (already 15 months now)?

    Hopefully this will really be picked up, a bit of a basic function that is missing.

  • ag_tommy
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    Thanks for the feedback. I and my other colleagues here in the community will continue to advocate for this feature on your behalf. While we can't make promises, we'll always make sure your voice is heard by the appropriate team members.

    ref: IDEA-I-57

  • roachiam
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    Hey folks, just thought I should chime in here with a particular use case. Maybe you can make a small edit just for this domain. (shopping site) and (cloud services platform). These two should not be shared across.

  • Edwinem
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    +1 This would be a great feature to have (especially if it's configurable on account or vault level).

  • codmdu
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    +1 It's quite annoying to have 20 Logins for a page with only one saved Login.
    Why do i have to search the login, if the other subdomains has totally other services running ?

  • scottrbaxter
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    This has been a longstanding pain-point with using 1Password. There are so many use cases for subdomains with different logins, I'm honestly surprised that this is not higher up on the road map. From online merchants using a platform with a common cart checkout system, to developmental website testing both locally and cloud/on-prem environments, to the myriad of micro-services that businesses commonly deploy on well established tld's... there are just so many possibilities that this really can't be overlooked any longer. If targeting at the top level domain and not per subdoman isn't yet considered a bug in 1Password's code base, it really should be.

    Can someone from 1Password please provide an update as to when this will be addressed? If it's not even being considered yet, I'd really appreciate knowing so that we can plan accordingly.

  • B0rg
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    Yes count me in also for a +1, this should be added a long time ago..

  • argcarlo
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    This thread has been active since FEB 2021. Other users have been talking about this feature since at least 2018, as referenced in the first few replies.

    I am a new customer who has signed up within seven days of this, and I am already looking for an answer to the subdomain question. I am concerned that I have this question within one week of signing up and even more so to see people have been asking for it for years.

    Is there a public uservoice where the +1s are being logged? I am curious to see what features people are voting for.

  • ho0ber
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    I wanted to throw in my support for a change here as well. The use case where this is most frustrating for me is when logging into one of many subdomains with different passwords while on iOS - I have to go through the slower process of opening 1password and picking the top option because when presented through iOS's interface, the logins are out of order and have the same username, so they're impossible to differentiate.

    I agree with TSzabo that the ability to extend the public suffix list would be sufficient, but it might be easier to just add a checkbox for each login to make it only match on an exact match.

    I love everything else about 1password and it's by far my favorite solution for this need, but because I log into my own services (on subdomains) more than anything else, I'm strongly considering switching to something else with better support for this use-case.

    This is also one of the factors stopping my company from adopting 1password, as they have a similar situation of many subdomains with distinct credentials.

  • geoffmyers
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    This is also a very important feature to me for similar reasons as stated above.

  • Chr1sS
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    +100 ;-)

  • cwormald
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    +1 as a freelancer who works with a particular system that involves subdomains - it would be nice to have a checkbox that allows us to only show a subdomain match, or uncheck for standard domain match.

  • skoging
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    This issue makes 1password on iOS unusable for any of our internal development sites. I get hundreds of suggestions that only show the same username and domain:

    [email protected]
    for - 1password

    There is no way to differentiate them, and they are not sorted by closest subdomain match. The full website field is not shown anywhere, and neither is the name of the item. I literally have no way to know which one to use without going into the 1password app.

    I guess this is a limitation in the iOS keyboard, that this is the only information that is shown. What would be very helpful is if there was a way to filter this list to only relevant subdomain matches!

  • ragectl
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    I would like to add a +1 to this for supporting sub-domains properly.

    I have poor experience with sub-domain selections in LastPass, so it would be nice to see 1Password improve the support for this!

  • iamsmitty
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    +1 on this feature. Each client we work with is on a subdomain (, The problem with the current implementation is when I go to, it shows the names of all my clients (each has a unique login and subdomain). I have to be super careful when screen sharing to ensure a client doesn't see the list of other clients.

  • nicklg
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    +1 for this.. it's really frustrating! surely it shouldn't be too hard to have an option for exact domain matching for selected passwords!

  • removetheads
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    +1 for this. The browser extensions on Windows do this perfectly, not sure why the iOS app has such trouble.