how do i get 1password x sub-domain matching to select the right login?



  • Edwinem
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    @removetheads Actually, the Windows browser extension also doesn't match properly in many cases...

  • MarkusZ
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    Hello @all,

    I want to vote +1 too for "Subdomain Support" :)

    Thanks a lot,

  • DiSo
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    +1 for sub-domain matching to select the right login

  • ThoWo
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    +1 we want to have the sub-domain matching too!

  • jpwfinder
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    Just an additional +1 here. Even making it an option (" [_] limit to exactly these domains") would be very helpful.

  • Hi @jpwfinder / @ThoWo / @DiSo / @MarkusZ:

    Thanks for your feedback on this! I've added you all to the internal discussion we have on this.


  • cmounce
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    Adding my +1, plus more info on my use case:

    • My workplace has different staging environments on different subdomains. I have test accounts in each environment, with unique credentials for each.
    • Additionally, my workplace is transitioning to SSO for various services we use (Jira, Lucidchart, etc), and our SSO portal is on a subdomain. So when I log into Lucidchart, I get prompted with all of my test accounts. And when I try to log into a staging environment, I get prompted with my SSO login (and my other test accounts).

    Overall, I really like 1Password and consider it worth the money (I have a personal/family account, and my workplace uses 1Password as well). But with subdomains recently multiplying at work, keeping my logins straight is becoming more and more of a hassle.

  • Hi @cmounce:

    Thanks for your feedback. I've added you to the internal discussion I've mentioned above.


    ref: IDEA-I-57
    ref: IDEA-I-412

  • BMSbene
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    +1, for our company it would also be quite vital to only show the respective subdomain-logins and a huge hassle currently. I am quite happy with 1Password, however this one is a bit of a bummer currently.

  • netnothing
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    +1 for sub-domain matching to select the right login

  • Edwinem
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    This thread was opened one-and-a-half years ago. In August 2021, the feature request was sent to the dev team.
    I count 40-ish votes on this discussion thread since. Is this still being actively discussed internally at 1Password a year later?

  • stuchl4n3k
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    +1 for exact sub-domain matching.

    • as mentioned here, we also have a lot of services running on a single domain for every project
    • this also includes testing/stage environments
    • all these services have multiple logins different across the environments
    • this results in a painful experience with lots of irrelevant suggestions (not sorted by the subdomain either, but rather random/alphabetically)
    • as a relatively new user I expected that this is what "url" field was for
  • GDZ
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    I can also confirm that this feature makes it very uncomfortable for professional users.

    We have 2 cases and each endpoint have his own login.
    And for each endpoint I want to find one login and not several hundreds/thousands

  • Commander
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    Ditto, really annoying when you have API's as subdomain or corporate website as many have listed above.
    For a site that I have only 1 login just because of API's and customers i now have 100+ suggestions....

  • peterfication
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    I'm considering switching from Dashlane to 1Password and not having this feature really annoys after just half an hour of usage. Please implement this!

  • chromentry
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    +1 for subdomain support, or at least an ability to exclude a login from a subdomain so you can be granular.

  • pschenk77
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    +1 for subdomain support, or at least an ability to exclude a login from a subdomain so you can be granular.

  • ryvalentine
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    +1 add specificity for sub-domain.

    Example for requiring specificity for a domain:

    Since started looking for a new job a few months ago. I found that many employers use a site like or similar to manage their HR- careers site, which all do the same thing. Each company has there own sub-domain for their account. Something like Obviously each site requires you to setup a new account for it, in which I now have a hundred accounts for or whatever.

    First, 1 password does not think I need to be adding a new account for this site because of the million other accounts listed for site. It just wants to autofill.

    Second, the list of autofill options do not show any information about the domain, so unless I named the creds something unique at the time of creation, I have no idea which is the correct entry except to have confidence that the top result is the correct one. Not a great feeling

  • +1 from me as well. And I'm pretty sure we already had that on previous version (4?). Some time along it disappeared. And tbh, it feels lime a trivial feature to implement.

  • Edwinem
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    @Jack.P_1P Any update on where (if) this feature stands on the roadmap?

  • robxyz
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    Any update on this? To me it makes no sense to A, not match on subdomain and B, prioritize anything over an exact match on a subdomain. Very confused why this was ever overlooked as this is pretty obvious to me for those that have lots of passwords for different parts of a domain. Can't understand a single use case where ignoring an exact match would ever be helpful.

  • Drackir
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    I want to add a +1 to this as well and also ask: 1P employees have indicated this is by design in past posts, can you share why this is the case? What's the scenario where you'd want to enter a root domain's password or another sub-domain's password on a sub-domain?

    That seems way more like the exception than the rule to me, but perhaps I'm missing something obvious.

    Also, as another note, non-default ports (not 80/443) should also be taken into account, if at least just for sorting purposes.

  • @Drackir's making a good point: port numbers should also match. Ideally, have the matching rule (domain, subdomain, sub+port) as an option per entry. That'd make my life so much easier...

  • geoffmyers
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    If I were to implement this feature myself, I would do it in the following way:

    The "Suggestions" list would be sorted as follows:

    1. TOP: Matches protocol AND subdomain AND root domain AND port number AND path
    2. Matches protocol AND subdomain AND root domain AND port number
    3. Matches protocol AND subdomain AND root domain
    4. Matches protocol AND (root domain OR "www" subdomain)
    5. BOTTOM: Matches root domain OR "www" subdomain (disregards protocol: "http://" vs "https://")

    Note: For greater compatibility and simplicity, I would probably treat the root domain and "www" subdomain as the "same" site.

  • holle
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    To be honest, I'm a bit shocked that 1password doesn't support subdomain matching. This is a big disadvantage compared to Bitwarden. My company has about 10 tools, each with a subdomain, and for some tools I have 10+ logins. Not supporting subdomain matching is a terrible user experience for me. If I wasn't forced by my employer to use 1P, I would switch back to Bitwarden in a heartbeat :-(

  • ooga
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    Came here to create a post about this exact issue, and was happy to see there was already a thread. Please add my voice to the list of those wanting this feature. Is there any update from 1P? Looks like people have been asking for a year now but no obvious forward motion.

  • 2XpBcUVEVk9DKYyg
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    How has this taken so long to gain traction? It still doesn't work this way! There should be at least a setting to toggle partial/full FQDN matches. It's insane...

  • vidario
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    No official position on this? Is it on the roadmap or will nothing ever be done?

  • GDZ
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    edited October 2022

    Yes please an official statement about it would be necessary!
    The last official reaction (@Jack.P_1P) was in July

  • zellers
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    Please add me the the list of supporters of this feature.