Introducing 1Password Secrets Automation

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Hello! Welcome to the discussion forum for 1Password Secrets Automation

Secrets Automation is a new way to manage infrastructure secrets with 1Password. Now, 1Password can now secure all of your company’s sensitive information–from user passwords to infrastructure keys and credentials.

Once configured, using Secrets Automation is as simple as retrieving an item in 1Password, and it comes with all of 1Password’s security benefits: authenticated encryption, privacy by design, and detailed audit logs.

You can read more about Secrets Automation on our blog, dive straight into the docs, or join us for a webinar for a tour of the product.

We’re creating this forum so that we can discuss:

  • Integrations and client libraries: we’ve got out-of-the box integrations for Hashicorp Vault, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Ansible and client libraries in Go, Node and Python. We’d love to hear which integrations you’d like to see next, and if you build and open source any on your own, please share them here!
  • Feedback: we know that no two infrastructures are the same, so how you and your team use Secrets Automation will vary significantly from the next customer. Share your experiences and feedback here.
  • Questions: our team is here to help, with everything from setup to troubleshooting. No question is too small, send it our way and let’s discuss.
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