1Password domain for ParkMobile

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As you probably already know, ParkMobile was hacked. However, Watchtower did not warn me of this as I would have expected. Today I found out why: ParkMobile changed their domain at some point, from "parkmobile.us" to "parkmobile.io".

Thus, I don't think Watchtower is going to warn lots of folks who still have the old domain in their 1Password entry. This seems especially unfortunate given that ParkMobile is primarily used through the mobile app, so there's not much reason for users to be sure they have the right domain name.

Is there any way to have Watchtower alert people in such scenarios? I can imagine I have logins on some old sites that may be breached, but I'll never know unless I go back through every last entry and make sure the domain is updated.

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