Discovered the Wireless Routers category, any way to get it to autofill?

So in being a bit more thorough with security, I decided I should probably make my wifi passwords unique and change them from their ~10 year old variant :p

I was pleasantly surprised to see 1password distinguish/set its own category. The only gripe I have is the log in to the gateway itself. I have a randomly generated password and I'd love to be able to use that to log in ala the wireless router header. I understand this is tied to URL and as such I tried to create a label "website" and use the url from my gateway/ip login I currently have (and would love to remove to remove the redundancy) but it doesnt seem to recognize it as a url.

any way around this or to get the url feature implemented? I can entirely understand the wifi passwords being unable to function, but i'd think we could pair a url with it for the base station login.

mostly thinking aloud I suppose.

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  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    Would creating a login work for that? That's how I have mine set up. My wireless router contains all of my configuration settings and so on, and the login is what I use to access the router login page.

  • yes, its what ive been using and it does work. Was just hoping to not have two entries for the same item so to speak. the way its looking, for now thats likely what i'll have to do.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    Yes, for now that would be desired approach. I can pass on your feedback to the team for future consideration.

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