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I have some passwords that will work for both a website and an installed application. I have all the websites linked to the right URL and those are working great. I would like to add the app URL to the password for easy autofill. What is the easiest way to find the "app://" URL so I can add them to existing passwords

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    If you're comfortable trying Script you can paste this in and replace Finder with whichever application you're looking for (if it doesn't recognize the name it'll prompt you to pick it). If you hit the play button at the top you should end up with a Result.

    id of application "Finder" = > "" = > app://

  • You can do the same thing from the command line without needing to use the Script Editor app:

    % osascript -e 'id of application "Finder"'

    You just have to be careful with the single and double quotes :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Correct; great addition @metadaddy. :) Thanks. You can also find the appropriate app:// link by generating and saving a password using the password generator in 1Password Mini while the app in question is in the foreground.


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