.ws.agile.1Password.settings in Dropbox folder

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in my dropbox i see a file .ws.agile.1Password.settings is out of the 1Password folder. Why ? May i delete it ?


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    That is a good question

    mine is date back in 2010, so most likely useless

    Eager to see the answer

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    It is definitely not useless. :)

    It contains the location of your data file so that the mobile apps know where to find it when syncing. If you delete it you will break Dropbox syncing on your mobile devices. I would advise against deleting it. Since it contains the location of your data file, it doesn't need to be updated unless you move your data file. If you haven't moved your data file in a few years (which is perfectly expected) then the modified date will be a few years in the past.

    As with all files whose names begin with a period, it is hidden in UNIX-based operating systems like OS X. The Dropbox web interface and mobile app unfortunately do not follow this convention so you will see it listed in those places. On Windows, you can simply mark the file as "Hidden" in Windows Explorer or via the command line.

    I hope that helps you understand the situation a bit better, but please let me know if you still have any other questions.


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    Thanks, this clarifies for me

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    I'm glad I could help. It is my pleasure to do so. :)

  • Does dropbox respect any other Mac hiding conventions that could be used in addition to the .filename? Like chflags hidden? Would love for this file to be hidden in the Dropbox iOS apps.

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    I don't know of any way to hide a file in the Dropbox mobile apps. If someone else knows, it would be great if they would share it. :)

  • Glad I found this post as I was just about to ask the same question.

    I do have another similar question: is the 1PasswordSync folder necessary any longer? The timestamp on the folder is just shy of 2 years.

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    No recent versions of 1Password create such a folder, but if your data file is in it you probably don't want to delete it. :)

    What are the contents?

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    Just a note I was able to delete my folder but when I try to permanently expunge it from Dropbox's deleted files. I always get a permission denied type of error.

    Since mine was deleted. Just not expunged I let it go.

    In short if you experience an error such as this you may need to contact Dropbox Support and ask them to purge it. That is if it bothers you.

    But as the oh great and powerful KHAD said do not delete it if it contains your data file.

    My folder was empty.

  • Hi, I just noticed that .ws.agile.1Password.settings is outside the 1Password folder in my Dropbox account, as well. I'm also unable to access my passwords. When I enter my 1Password password, I receive an error message that says a "key data file" is missing. Is that key data file .ws.agile.1Password.settings? If so, how do I properly return it to the 1Password folder (i.e. where does it belong)?


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    Hi @rcsingleton,

    The .ws file should always been in the root of your Dropbox folder. The only purpose of this file is to tell your iOS devices where to find your data file in Dropbox. It's best if you leave it where it is, otherwise, as Khad mentions above, you could break the sync on your iOS devices. :)

    I think the trouble you're experiencing here is probably unrelated to this little guy.

    Could you tell me a bit more about the situation here? It sounds like you are trying to access 1Password Anywhere. Are you trying to do so directly from the Dropbox website?

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