1PW8 - Missing Category view in left bar



  • I hate the new layout.
    Maybe "hate" is too strong. The browser helper isn't as helpful as it thinks it is, and especially then, the new layout is definitely a step backwards. If you're trying to simplify the interface, then move the vaults to a drop-down/pop-up, not the categories.

  • Although the sidebar of 1PW7 wasn‘t perfect it was much better than the current solution. My account contains only two vaults and very few tags. I typically use category filters and search. The filters are now hidden and require more clicks. Search in 1PW8 is a mess rarely finding what I am looking for. I’ve never used drag and drop to the sidebar because I prefer context menus.
    Maybe the sidebar content could be made switchable or separated by tabs.

  • I opened that thread and I didn't change my mind. Although using the app now since weeks - I still miss that a lot!! Bring it back!

  • +1 for Categories back in sidebar. Select a new vault, Categories change when selecting a new vault, simple.

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