Easier way to change the existing account email to Masked Email



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    Thanks for the clarification @Manaburner ,

    As I mentioned, the new masked email feature is currently only useable when signing up for new websites, not for when you want to change an email address of an existing account.

    However, we're looking into how we can add that feature to also work for changing emails in existing accounts :)

  • Thank goodness I came to read the support community before jumping in and buying a Fastmail subscription.
    Like 1P for Safari on iOS/iPadOS, Masked Email appears to be more new "stuff" from 1P which aren't truly ready, yet have been released

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    @AndrewParker You can still generate masked emails directly in Fastmail and manually use them in 1Password, which would work the same except it will take a couple of extra clicks :)

    When you sign up for a new website, 1Password will do the job for you, but when you want to change an existing login's email address, create a masked email directly in your Fastmail account and add it to your login entry in 1Password.

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    Thank you @ag_yaron that is good to know

    I haven't had the best experience using the 1Password for Safari extensions on iOS and iPadOS

    If the Masked Email feature is not available using the 1P application (rather than the Safari extensions) then I will probably continue using my homespun solution (which I have been doing for 20 years, and which was made simpler since I adopted 1P version 4 whenever that was. One great thing about being older is you can play the "I've been doing it 20 years" card :D )

  • Thank you @ag_yaron that is good to know

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Glad I could help :+1:

  • Any news regarding better support to updating accounts @ag_yaron ? Even just being able to generate a masked email without having to browse FM settings would be alright.

  • Hey @mafm27:

    We don't have any specifics just yet to share. Thanks for your patience!


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