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I have activated and configured the Safari extension but in-page suggestions are missing. Clicking into a username or password field does not display the 1Password logo. Opening the extension via the aA menu correctly identifies the site, but clicking Autofill on its credential does nothing. This affects all sites. Regular iOS autofill continues to work, but given removal of the share sheet action I cannot autofill identities, credit cards, etc. which is frustrating.

I have contacted support via email who recommended that I close all Safari tabs and reboot my device. This has not worked and no further feedback or suggestions have been provided. Please assist.

1Password Version: 7.8.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15.0

ref: RWI-37686-542


  • craigza
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    This was resolved by enabling the "Intersection Observer" feature in Safari.

    Open the Settings app from the home screen
    Tap Safari
    Scroll to the bottom and tap Advanced
    Tap Experimental Features
    Turn on Intersection Observer

    Thanks to the support team.

  • @Craigza,

    Glad to hear we were able to resolve it for you. :smile:


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