File attachments from documents

Glad to see file attachments has returned to 1p.

Can we convert a document to a file attachment? Or do we have to import the file again. I have photos of my passport, driver's license etc. as documents and want to attach as files to the record.


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    Not an answer to your question, but re-importing my standalone vault into has added files as attachments

    I'm not a main subscription user so for me I just deleted my vault and re-imported everything from standalone. All cleaned up now

  • Actually I take that back. The experience has been very bad for me.

    Re-importing through the 'migrate my account' option on the Mac app has caused all items to be imported, but without attachments.
    So I went in again, deleted everything, and this time instead of using 'migrate my account' I just selected everything and hit 'Copy To Vault'

    This time all the items have an attachment that states 'download required', but when I click on it I get 'Failed to download content, no document exists in either pending or to be downloaded item'.

  • DenalBDenalB
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    Hi @rlgleason51 !

    Can we convert a document to a file attachment?

    It seems to me that this is not possible. I just downloaded all of my documents and re-imported them into the matching entries as file attachments.

  • Sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks to all who responded.

    So far, I've attached over 20 of my documents as files.

    I sure did miss File Attachments.

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