Browser Extension is missing ability to browse logins

Disclaimer: I'm not 100% sure if this is related to the preview version if 1Password 8 (as I never had 1Password 7, but rather stuck with 6).
Safai version: 14.1.2

Many websites now a days allow you to login with credentials from their mother services (e.g. uses the login of In previous versions it allowed me to choose a different login for this website. I can see how this can be a security threat, as it will make it easier to fall for phishing attacks. Nevertheless, as a somewhat experienced user of the internet, I find it quite laborious to open the full app to copy/paste my credentials. I also don't want to save the same credentials under a different domain again, as this would artificially grow my vault. It would be very nice though, to allow me choose a different login for a certain domain (instead of being presented with just a window: No items to show. and link this particular login to a 2nd, 3rd, ... domain.

1Password Version: 80400002
Extension Version: 2.1.3
OS Version: macOS 11.5.2

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