Plans for the Firefox snap transition in Ubuntu

baggendbaggend Junior Member

As of Ubuntu 21.10, firefox defaults to the snap package by default. While it is still possible to get the deb package, Ubuntu have stated that starting with 22.04, the snap will be the only option. And as the request came from Mozilla themselves it's presumably not going to change.

I know that currently the snap versions of firefox and 1password can't speak to each other because of the snap security features, but I'm assuming there is some way around this? Have you all started looking at this yet and is there a plan to have a workaround in place prior to next April (the 22.04 release)?

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  • SavanniSavanni

    Team Member

    Snap still doesn't allow us to make the syscalls that we require in order to set up authentication keys between our desktop and browser applications.

    However, our security teams may have found a different, less brittle, way of setting up that communication channel. I've got my fingers crossed on it.

  • Is there any update on this? Having to manually unlock 1password both in Firefox and Chromium is getting a little bit frustrating unfortunately.

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