1Password 7.9.825 Beta is out with an improved account migrator!

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Hi folks!

We have a brand new 1Password 7 beta for you today.

The biggest changes are that we've improved our account migrator that will be able to migrate all of standalone vaults at once to the 1Password account and to migrate any items with file attachments intact, instead of migrating the files with each file being a separate Document item.

We've also added the new 1Password Bulletin service to show announcements from our team like a new major version announcement such as the upcoming 1Password 8 for Windows release (it will be offered as a separate update for you to manually install).

Here are the changes:

1Password 7.9.825 Beta released on 10/25/2021

[IMPROVED] Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
[IMPROVED] When migrating the standalone vaults manually and 1Password asks which account to migrate to, an option is now available to sign in to a new account instead of choosing an existing accounts. {OPW-5102, OPW-5104}
[FIXED] The announcement (bulletin) view appeared with the black background color that made it impossible to see anything. {OPW-5106}

1Password 7.9.824 Beta released on 10/20/2021

[NEW] You can now add file attachments to all item types in your 1Password.com account. {OPW-5083}
[IMPROVED] Prepped the app to ensure a smoother upgrade process if the user chooses to install 1Password 8 in the future. {OPW-5095}
[IMPROVED] Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
[FIXED] Fixed a crash from rendering an image preview that is smaller than 1mb but has a massive resolution. Images are now capped at 1920x1080 resolution before it can be rendered. {OPW-5089}

1Password 7.9.823 Beta released on 10/18/2021

[NEW] We've overhauled our 1Password migration tool to now support migrating all standalone vaults, tags, and file attachments to a 1Password account all at once. {OPW-5052}
[NEW] Added the ability to run the migration tool manually with the new Help > Tools > Migrate standalone vaults to account menu option. {OPW-5052}
[NEW] 1Password will prompt you to complete your migration on other Windows devices if needed and will automatically remove already migrated standalone vaults. {OPW-5052}
[NEW] Added support for the 1Password Bulletin service for future announcements. {OPW-5041}
[IMPROVED] Updated our 1Password brain library for improved filling and saving with the 1Password extensions. {OPW-5087}
[FIXED] If a file was uploaded using the 1Password 8 Early Access builds and then downloaded to disk with 1Password 7 for Windows, it would not open correctly. {OPW-5092}


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