How about 1Password keyboard for iOS?

How about 1Password keyboard for iOS? (like Passboard) It's much more convenient than an autofill, especially since there is not always an autofill

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  • Since the main purpose of 1Password is to conveniently fill in (secure) text fields, strictly speaking 1Password app is the keyboard itself, why not use the native keyboard form factor

  • rudyrudy

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    Unfortunately, custom keyboards aren't available for use in secure text fields so such a keyboard would have extremely limited usefulness in the primary context you would want to use it.

  • I often use 1Password not for secure fields, passport data, profile data, addresses etc. Switching the app for each field is very inconvenient

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    At this time the benefits are outweighed by the effort of developing a custom keyboard, when a custom keyboard could not be used to fill the primary thing 1Password is concerned with (passwords). I'm sorry I don't have more encouraging news. :( You might consider using drag & drop for instances where you want to fill data from 1Password, but neither iOS's Password AutoFill or 1Password's Safari Web Extension are available. If you're using iOS 15, and haven't enabled the Safari Web Extension yet, I'd highly encourage you to give that a try:

    Get to know 1Password for Safari on your iPhone or iPad

    The Safari Web Extension can fill all of the same items on iOS that it can on our desktop platforms (Logins, Credit Cards, and Identities). We don't currently support filling of passport data on any platform, but that's certainly something we can look into. 👀


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