Been frustrated with auto fill

I’ve been having a mostly poor experience with the in browser auto fill when it comes to filling in contact info, addresses, credit cards. Unfortunately it seems to be wrong more often than its right in my experience. I’ve emailed support to let them know of some sites where it happens and from the reply I got the impression that it’s up to the website to fix this and isn’t an issue with 1Password. What I don’t understand with that is when using the Safari auto fill for those same categories, it works flawlessly, even on the very same forms that I emailed support about.

Is this an area big improvements can be expected to be made? Because even though I’d like to have the inline autofill turned on for password fields, the autofill for the other forms has been so wrong/annoying I’ve turned it off completely.


  • J.MJ.M
    edited November 25

    I didn't really use the identity or credit card filling, even with other password managers. Doesn't always work depending on how the website is coded

    Filling on mobile is different than with a classic browser on a computer, it doesn't work the same way. Sometimes it works better, sometimes it's worse. There are standards but some websites do not respect those and it's a pain to deal with that.

  • It would be nice if we could turn off auto fill for everything except username/password fields.

  • @VictorVon I agree with you
    I don't use this feature (don't have any address in 1P) and it's more annoying than anything to have the pop-up coming for... Nothing

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    It would be nice if we could turn off auto fill for everything except username/password fields.

    You can do this already, some people have 1Password configured exactly this way. Just turn off this setting in the 1Password browser extension settings page:

    And you can then choose what to let your browser manage instead :+1:

  • jrkjrk Junior Member

    @ag_ana Where is this option? I want to do this, but don't see it anywhere in the new Safari extension settings (the new browser extension seems to have zero options), nor in the 1Password 8 app preferences.

    For what it's worth, I want the ability to turn off auto-suggestions in Safari (where I use iCloud Keychain for quick and dirty autofill, and just want 1Password to fill when I explicitly invoke it), but leave it on in other browsers (where I don't use their native password managers at all).

  • Hi @ag_ana is that available in 1Password for Safari? I don’t see it anywhere in the extension settings.

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