Bad search experience - 1Password v8

The search changes was not very appealing, at least for me, as I can't find terms on Sections or Labels. I had to keep a v7 install so I can find my items.

Also, if inside a vault, seems counterintuitive the extra ctrl+f for vault specific search, like the ctrl+enter for result list when in full desktop mode.

There are others Search related questions for v8, but not addressing all the points reported here.

1Password Version: 8.4.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 11


  • I am unable to search in the notes and other sections. Is this expected? If not, is it to be rolled out soon? Can roll back to v7? I do like the new look and features like collections and opening the app directly from the tray on a double click. Thank you.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @klmnbrt3 and @theredmoose, thanks for your feedback here. The search feature is definitely an area of ongoing development here, so what's in place today will not necessarily always be "the way it is."

    We've had a number of customer requests for increased flexibility in this area - including the ability to search terms in an item's sections, as you mentioned @klmnbrt3 - and I will make sure to add your comments here to our existing discussion of how we can continue to develop a better search.

    Thanks for your input, and for helping us continue to improve! 😃

    ref: dev/core/core#7775

  • Tertius3Tertius3
    edited December 2021

    Searching for text labels makes sense, if you're searching for your bank account number, for example. I know my bank accounts contain a field called "IBAN" with the account number, so I'd like to search for "IBAN" to get all entries that contain an IBAN number (I have more than one bank accounts).
    I can of course also directly search for the bank name, but searching for IBAN is a lot more intuitive and would return better results, because I have multiple entries for the same bank, one contains the IBAN, others not.

    It doesn't make sense to search for common labels that appear in almost every entry like "username", "password" or "email", but searching for custom labels like this would be useful.

  • Label search was possible on v7, i've organized and using it alot, quite lost on finding my items now on v8.
    Most softwares relying heavily on indexing/search for navigation, it sure looks like as a drawback for 1p.

    Hope they fix quick. @PeterG_1P if any update/eta on that, i'll be glad to know about.
    Thanks all.

  • the poor search functionality compared to v7 as mentioned above makes me regret installing v8.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hi @klmnbrt3 and @glipglop, thanks for your additional feedback here.

    While we can't provide an eta on this type of update, as @PeterG_1P mentioned, the work around improved search functionality is ongoing. Please keep an eye on our Windows Release Notes for updates and improvements add to 1Password for Windows:

    Have a great day!

  • Quick response to my previous thoughts....

    1) WINDOWS - Searching of the NOTES section on Windows version 8.4.1 seems to be working much better. Well, it works period. Which is awesome , thank you devs!

    2) ANDROID - Still hoping for the ability to search notes section on here. Bump on your next agile meeting.. ;-)

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Thanks @theredmoose. We do appreciate the feedback!

  • As long as search doesn't do substring search like all 1PW versions before and almost all other apps that have search functionality it's completely useless for me. Hopefully the iOS app that still has a working search will not get this substandard, broken implementation.

  • I just tried upgrading to 1PW8 and one thing that is driving me insane is the new search behaviour. In 1PW7, when you would hit return after typing a few characters of what you're looking for, it would simply show a list of all items that contain the string. Now, you jump to the first item that 1PW8 seems fit (I don't know how it makes the determination) and the list shows just all vault items, not a reduced list of those that match the search string. The way to get back to the old behavior is to hit the "arrow up" key before you hit return or to hit CTRL+Return. I understand why one might want new behavior (if the majority of your items can be found by an easy search string that delivers exactly 1 result), but if that is not the case it would be far easier if I had an option to switch back to the old behavior.

    Many of my typical search strings return multiple items and just jumping to what feels like a random item of them directly without giving me an easy option to go to one of the alternatives from there (by reducing the list view to the items that contain the search string) is definitely driving me insane after just the first hour of using 1PW8.

  • jack.plattenjack.platten

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    Hey @tmoehle:

    Thanks for your feedback here. Quick Find uses a relevancy based method of looking for items.

    As my colleague Mike mentioned above, we continue to work on search functionality. Keep an eye on our Release Notes for improvements and changes.


  • I just upgraded to v8 and created an account JUST BECAUSE OF THIS. @tmoehle is exactly right. The old v7 search was an interactive filter, the new v8 search is "results in the search bar". Can you make the default behavior a setting? Just a toggle to swap the Enter/Ctrl-Enter might do it.

  • +1 for @ChrisLewis3Cloud and @tmoehle suggestions. At least give us an option to search and show results interactively and without any kind of filtering for relevance. I would just like to find everything I'm looking for (including substrings) and don't want anything in between deciding what I might have intended to find. 1PW8 is not a shopping or price comparison site. This is the biggest regression of all the shortcomings of 1PW8 that always makes me going back to 1PW7 after a couple of minutes.

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