Default Collection in 1Password 8 App and Quick Access

Many times that I launch 1P 8 or invoke Quick Access I'm taken to my full account, which includes some vaults I don't really want to see often (vaults associated with demoing 1P to family, and for older family members who need lots of computer help, basically). To avoid this I created a Collection of just those vaults I do regularly use. But it seems that 1P insists on launching into the full set of vaults most of the time. Is there a feature planned to allow me to set which Collection I want to be the default? I feel like this may actually have been a memorized setting, which Collection was in use, earlier in the beta, and has since regressed. At least, a few weeks ago I don't think I had this issue.

1Password Version: macOS App 8.5.0
Extension Version: Safari Extension 2.1.4
OS Version: macOS System 12.1


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