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Hi, I've seen that there are many requests for setting an expire or reminder date on passwords and other fields/entries. I'm sure you've been looking at it.

I would like to have that date on a field basis, e.g. an account in Github has a password with an entry in 1Password. But I also store access tokens as fields on that entry, and an access token probably has an expire date. Sure, I can make a new field but that stores the expire date but that in not "linked" to the password by any other means than what label I put on the fields.

Github access token 1
Github access token 1 expire date


Github access token 2
sewartekjwefjerofjeroijffref    |     DATE: 2023-02-09

The date field can be useful on all types of fields, as a remainder date, expires date or maybe even start date. In a specific view you can search for items with a reminder/expires/start date within X days.

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  • Jack.P_1P
    edited February 2022

    Hey @tengl:

    I can definitely see how we can improve working with access tokens that would be all related together in a single item. I've added your feedback as a feature request. While I can't promise anything, our developers regularly go over this feedback to see if it's something that would make sense to add to future versions of 1Password.

    Thanks for your feedback here!


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#1222

  • tengl
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    Great, thanks.

  • You're very welcome @tengl! 😀

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