1Password cant verify the identity of your web browser

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  • OutlandishJoshOutlandishJosh
    Community Member

    @Jack.P_1P - will there also be an update for 1Password6 users?

  • savittsavitt
    Community Member

    Yes -- another 1Password6 / Chrome user here for whom the browser extension remains broken.

  • kevin.likevin.li

    Team Member

    @OutlandishJosh & @savitt .

    I'm afraid to let your know that because of the new Code Signature, 1Password 6 for Mac no longer works in Chrome 99 or later.

    The last major update to 1Password 6 was in May 2018. It's no longer being actively developed and will only receive critical security updates in the future. Thus, it won't adapt to the new Code Signature of Chrome. I'm sorry about the inconvenience.

    Meanwhile, if possible, can you upgrade to 1Password 7? Or you can still use 1Password 6 with other browsers, for example, Firefox.

  • OutlandishJoshOutlandishJosh
    Community Member

    @kevin.li I'm not interested in 1Password7 because of the subscription/SaaS model. I want to maintain a separation of concerns between vault management and storage, which is what I was very happy with in version 6.

    I understand the policy but it's still disappointing to hear you won't be fixing this issue to keep 1Password6 customers using Chrome in business.

  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member

    @OutlandishJosh I'm really sorry that we do not have better news to give. If you want to stick with 1Password 6, then the best option would be to use the classic extension in a browser like Firefox. I hope that things can work well for you there.

  • denimandeniman
    Community Member

    I've been using 1Password for more than 10 years I think.
    I bought iOS apps, Android apps and Mac Apps.
    I used Betas and helped with it.
    Since 1Pasword 7 I'm starting to hate you day by day.
    All the answers when anything doesn't work is "you can update to our subscription model 1password 7" even when there's a way to fix the problem in version 6 (as I discover later looking for it from other users).
    I came here wishing this time was different but, again, there's no solution for old loyal users that don't want to pay the stupid fee/tax for keep on using an app that WE made popular.

  • SpytapSpytap
    Community Member

    Thank you for the heads up on Enpass! I'll look into it.

  • garybadergarybader
    Community Member

    This is ridiculous!! How many users are using version 6 and don't want to switch? And how simple is it to update a signature? We'll all need to start looking for alternatives and on top of that, specifically recommend against using 1password.

  • mobumobu
    Community Member

    Same here, I feel that this isn't fair for users. At some time, you've been offering perpetual license. I paid for that, believing that it's perpetual. And then you have released 1password 7, which does offer completely different model (cloud storage, instead of local storage i'm using) and also different price model (monthly fee). It would be fair if you would release 1password 6 with updated chrome certificate. This does not require any extra development effort from your side and actually fits the statement, that you'll release only security-related updates - update certificate is a security-related feature.

    I would really go for 1password 7, but after trial I had to roll back it has broken user experience (I couldn't sign with just-a-few clicks to many AWS IAM accounts with version 7, works great on version 6, I use it many times each day), no local storage (I work as freelancer with projects that exclusively don't allow to upload credentials anywhere, no matter if they are encoded or no) and no perpetual licensing model.

    Please, please, consider that!

  • JustaUser1JustaUser1
    Community Member

    Enpass One-Time Plan - Personal lifetime license looks good but I just sent them an email to confirm how many years they provide security and compatibility updates in the future because you know "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice... "

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi folks,

    While I can't speak to the technical requirements it would take to continue allowing 1Password 6 to communicate with the latest version of Chrome, what I can say is this: we have made the choice to no longer invest resources into 1Password 6 for Mac. 1Password 7 for Mac was released 47 months ago, with numerous fixes and improvements over almost 4 years from then until now. As we near the release candidate of 1Password 8 for Mac, it simply doesn't make sense to invest additional efforts into 1Password 6 for Mac.

    Given this, our recommendations are as follows:

    • If you'd like to switch to a 1Password account (and receive 50% off your first three years) to update to the latest version of 1Password, reach out to us at [email protected].
    • If you'd prefer to keep using 1Password 6 for Mac, you're more than welcome to continue to do so, using either copy and paste, or the 1Password classic extension in a up to date supported browser (Firefox). At this point, we cannot make any promises on if Firefox will continue with its current signing certificate, but if in the future there is a change to the code signing certificate from Firefox, it would be expected that 1Password 6 for Mac would no longer communicate with Firefox.
    • If neither of those options are amenable to you, we don't want you to feel like you're trapped. You're always able to export your data and import it into another password manager. If this does apply to you, stay safe out there when selecting another password manager, and we'll be here for you in the future if you decide to give us another chance.


    Filling out our self-hosted survey to share your specific usecase would be your best bet: https://survey.1password.com/self-host/


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