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I am struggling with the following scenario...a website asks me to change my password. 1Password suggests an 18 digit password, but the site has a 15 digit limit. I thought there used to be a right click to open the password generator, but I finally found the very hidden and non-intuitive on the 1Password icon in the menu bar (Chrome), click the key icon and change smart password to random password and change the limit to 15. Problem is it goes back to smart password the next time. Where is the setting to fix passwords to random and 15 digits and have it stick? Where is the setting in the desktop app? I am a long-time user, but I am finding an increasing amount of functionality non-intuitive and non-discoverable. Why can't I easily open the password generator from all of my locations of 1Password? Thanks.

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  • ali.hazimeali.hazime

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    Hey @horatio8, thanks for reaching out to us.

    The Smart Password Generator in 1Password for your browser attempts to use a website's guidelines to generate an appropriate password, but that doesn't work for all websites. In these cases, you can adjust the parameters on the fly with the password generator in your browser by switching the type to Random Password as you mentioned. While adjusting the parameters, you can set Random Password as the default for suggestions to prevent it from going back to Smart Password afterwards.

    Regarding the password generator in 1Password 8 for Windows (desktop app), the password generator is not accessible from the system tray in. Instead, it's now available through editing or creating an item.

    With that said, we currently have an internal request opened to add the password generator to the system tray and Quick Access. I'll be sure to add your voice to show our developers that there is interest in this feature. Thanks!


    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • PhilipbmPhilipbm
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    Yes, yes, yes! Cannot understand how anybody would have thought to remove the password generator option from the tray icon in Windows We all have so many requirements for generating passwords that have nothing to do with web sites, why do we have to open a browser to get to a password generator? Please bring this right-click feature back to the Windows standalone version.

    Also TOTALLY agree with horatio8 above: "...I am finding an increasing amount of functionality non-intuitive and non-discoverable...". It seems that 1Password is intent on constantly releasing new, non-functional UI updates, e.g. density adjustments, at the expense of the core productivity of the app. Wrong direction, guys.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Hi @Philipbm, as mentioned in the threads here and here, I have submitted a vote on your behalf for this feature. I appreciate the chance to advocate for your use case!

    It seems that 1Password is intent on constantly releasing new, non-functional UI updates, e.g. density adjustments, at the expense of the core productivity of the app.

    Respectfully, I can't agree with this. We've consistently been releasing features that expand what the app can do (full support for SSH keys, for example), while also expanding the options like the density adjustments you mentioned. That density option was implemented in direct response to its popularity as a request from customers, and community response so far indicates that it's a welcome change. We can do both, and plan to. 😃

  • PhilipbmPhilipbm
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    Thanks. Appreciate your response.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Sure thing @philipbm - and I'll be doing my best to make the case for this one!

  • JtheQADudeJtheQADude
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    I came to drop my feedback. This is a very tough thing to swallow, not being able to pull up the 1password Password generator as it's own little useful tool.

    Additionally, even when using workarounds to pull up the password generator using the "create new item" workaround, I can't copy that password from the modal. For some reason there's a complete obstruction from previously desired user paths where I could generate a password and copy it to my clipboard easily. Now I have to create a new item, submit the password, then copy it from the other input forms. It just seems like the password generator was nerfed and all these extra steps were added.

    Hope this gets resolved soon. Functionality has been reduced, and there's now extra steps to a previously easy workflow.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

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    Hi @JtheQADude, thanks for your additional feedback. I can understand your concerns and have recorded your +1 for this feature request.

    While we're still unable to make any promises about when or if this feature will make a return in future versions of 1Password, similar to it's usage in version 7, have you tried using the password generator in 1Password in the browser? It works in a similar fashion to what you are looking for. From here you can make adjustments to the password settings and directly copy the password for use.

    I hope this workflow makes things a bit quicker and easier for you!

    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • PhilipbmPhilipbm
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    Can't agree more with the other users' comments above. We don't want to have to open a browser and browser plugin to simply generate passwords. This just makes things harder, less intuitive and less useful.

    I'm currently on 1Password for Windows 8.8.0 (80800156, on BETA channel) and still don't see an option to access the password generator from the tray icon. There is an option in Settings to "Show a menu" when you click the icon in the tray, but doesn't do anything when I select it and then click the icon. Don't know what the deal is with that option.

    Unless I've missed it, we don't have the password generator in the tray yet. If I missed it, apologies in advance.

    I'm can't continue to silently simmer in the background here, waiting for the password generator's return to the tray icon in Windows, while seeing all this silly window dressing and non-functional or obscure items being delivered, release after release. I agree that 1Password is on a downward slope here when it comes to functionality, usability and workflow. If you continue to prioritize bells and whistles over core functionality, your real users will eventually abandon you in favour of the competition. Perhaps you have enough "consumer-orientated" users who are in love with themes, icons, avatars, jingles, menu animations, etc. to entertain them, but I expected that people who commit to use tools such as 1Password are the ones who are serious about their privacy and IT. We require serious commitment from 1Password to our privacy and passwords, hence the reason we decided to put money down and sign up. We are not interested in commitment to childish menu animations, themes and such, but rather commitment to help secure our privacy, like putting the password generator within easy reach. But, it's just votes at the moment, no promises or commitments and sounds like it may never happen.

    If you have trouble understanding what irks me above, here are some examples from recent releases that in my opinion should have been lower priority compared to returning the password generator to the tray icon:

    • We’ve optimized and restored the menu animations to the app
    • The “delete share link” icon now has a tooltip on hover
    • You can now open Settings using the 1Password icon in the notification area
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the title bar of the app to shift out of view when changing the icon for a vault
    • When you share an item, the icon will now be displayed clearly
    • We’ve updated the title of the language selector in settings
    • If collapsed, vaults and tags in the sidebar will temporarily expand if you drag an item over them
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the checkmark wouldn’t be positioned correctly when changing a vault’s icon
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the text in longer account names to overflow in the sidebar
    • We’ve fixed an issue where the delete button wouldn’t fill the full height in a multi-line field when editing an item
    • We’ve fixed an issue that could cause extra spacing to appear when turning on “Show debugging tools” in Advanced preferences

    Catch my drift?

    Don't bother adding another vote to the request. My pet peeve seems to be just a drop in the bucket compare to all the "consumer-orientated" features requested by others.

    Thanks for reading this far.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

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    Hello @PhilipBM,

    Thanks for reaching out and for providing this feedback. I can confirm that you have not missed anything here and that the password generator in the system tray, does not currently exist in 1Password 8.

    We're on your side and always interested in learning from our customers where improvements can be made. We'd like to ensure that every request is heard and that the most highly sought after features (or return of past features) make it in to future implementations of the app, when possible.

    If you'd prefer that I not add your interest to the internal issue tracker for this feature, that is totally fine, however with more interest in a feature or enhancement, the greater the likelihood that it will be considered for addition. If you'd like me to mark your interest, let me know.

    As mentioned before, we can't make any guarantees about specific features being added, but the better case we can make on a customer's behalf for the product team, only increases the chances that a particular feature will be promoted.

    We appreciate your passion and the time you've taken to provide this valuable feedback.

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