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What would be the best way to report accessibility bugs?
The current accessibility of Beta 8 on iOs is a giant step back from 1Password 7.
Currently, nearly all the elements on screen have odd labels such as "new item_default", Merely "Expanded" or missing labels after all.
Also, there appears to be several decorative icons or images which are exposed to VoiceOver, making the navigation extremelly difficult.
The tab bar at the bottom is missing labels as well.

I'd be happy to do a more comprehensive list, but was wondering whats the state of the accessibility of this new design in the future?

1Password Version: 8.7.0 (80700045
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: ios 15.4


  • BenBen

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    Hey @jakobrosin,

    What would be the best way to report accessibility bugs?

    This forum is a great place. 😃 We want to build an app that is accessible and recognize there is plenty to do in this regard.

    I'd be happy to do a more comprehensive list

    We'd be happy to receive such a list if you'd like to generate it. We do also have an internal accessibility working group, but it would be great to know where the pain points are from a customer's perspective.

    Thank you!


  • Ricky_1PRicky_1P

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    Hi @jakobrosin

    I just wanted to follow up and see if you are available to get a list of what is missing/bugged accessibility wise. I am putting a team together now to work on this and I would love your input if still possible!

    Thank you!


  • jakobrosinjakobrosin
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    Absolutely, here’s my list currentlY:

    • Many labels throughout the app are mislabeled or unlabeled. For example, the button to submit password to unlock your wault is labeled “Themed navigate forward”, the button to create a new item is labeled “newItem_default”
    • Throughout the UI, several images without descriptions are visible for VoiceOver. I assume they are icons / decorative images, thus they should be given an understandable label or be hidden from VoiceOver as they have no use for a screenreader users.
    • nearly all of the elements do not have an accessibility role. For example, VoiceOver doesn’t know if “All items” on the main home screen is a button, heading, dropdown ETC. VoiceControl or switch control users might also not be able to tap / klick on such elements.
    • When viewing item details, VoiceOver users can not reveal / copy fields. The implementation in 1P 7 where a VoiceOver custom action was used, worked perfectly. Suggest you do the same here.
    • In Watchtower, the Watchtover score element is announced several times. Its redundant.
    • Safari extension password entry screen has an unlabelled image as well as unlabelled password submit button
    • Safari extension’s configuration screen has several unlabelled controls
    • when returning to 1Password main app from other apps, and 1Password requires reauthentication, other UI elements behind the password entry dialog can still be viewed by VoiceOver. This confuses users greatly.

    I will let you know if there’s anything huge I will notice more, but I’d suggest you’d test the app internally as well and compare it to 1P 7, which was really good.

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