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How can I change the language in 1Password 8?

I had 1Password 7 installed on my Windows 11 machine. I downloaded the installer for 1Password 8 and installed it over. The process went well, except that the app language was changed from English (what 1Password 7 was using, also my Windows system language) to German (the language associated with the country I'm in, but not the system language). Now I can't find the setting to change the language to English.

1Password Version: 8.6.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11 21H2 (build 22000.613)


  • valentyn235
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    Ah, now I see that it's under "Advanced" and "Select Locale".
    (Though it's still strange that it defaulted to German, when the OS language is set to English 🤔)

  • Hi @valentyn235, thanks for letting us know you now have your language setting adjusted to your needs. I'm not sure why it would have set the language that way in the first place, but we'll check this over in our internal testing to learn more about it. And if there's anything further we can help you with, just let us know! 😃

  • Daniel1
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    The language of my 1Password installation was also wrong.

    Under Windows there are three settings that return a region or language setting.

    The Windows Display Language tells you what language the user prefers his operating system and applications to be displayed in.

    The Country or Region was introduced in Windows 8 or 10 and is used primarily for content delivery purposes and payment methods. For example, if the Country or Region is set to USA, the Microsoft store will not show you offers that are not available in that region. It also dictates what payment options are available or whether you're allowed to store certain bank or credit card informations.

    The Regional Format tells you how to format dates and times, digits and numbers, currencies and the measurement system.

    Unfortunately, many developers mistake the Region or Regional Format with the Display Language, because they don't inform themselves enough.

  • Hello @valentyn235 and @Daniel1, thank you for reporting this issue to us (and thank you @Daniel1 for an analysis of the possible cause of the issue). We want 1Password to feel right at home for you on your system, with your language.

    I have reported this to our development team so they can investigate and do some troubleshooting. I'll look forward to following the investigation as it goes forward, and will hope to have more for you once we've had a chance to check this out!

    ref: dev/core/core#14817

  • pjotr1977
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    +1 this is still an issue in the latest version 8. When will it be possible to change the language from within the app like it was in version 7?

  • dysona
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    You can change the language from within the app, that works already and is easy enough - as long as you can read the "incorrect" language sufficiently to be able to navigate the menus! It's under Settings / Advanced / Language (right below Security)

    However it is still so, that the installer sets the language incorrectly if your regional format differs from your Windows display language. Software developers in English-speaking countries often don't seem to know how the locale settings work, and/or don't see that kind of thing as a high priority, so don't test the setups you typically find in non English-speaking countries.

    Some software and websites don't even allow you to choose the country and the language independently, but only support the official languages of each country. Spotify, for example! That is a huge pain. At least 1password doesn't have that problem.

  • Hi @pjotr1977, in case you're still seeing troubles, I've included a short .gif below to aid in the location of this option in Settings (Ctrl + Comma) > Advanced. Language is the first option below the blue Send Diagnostics button:

    Please let us know if you need further assistance and thanks for your helpful reply here @dysona! 👍

  • pjotr1977
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    Thanks @ag_mike_d! Overlooked that setting. For now I’ll stick to 7 since I need the Type in window feature 20 times a day for locked remote desktops.

  • You're most welcome, @pjotr1977, and thanks for letting know! You can keep an eye out for future updates to 1Password 8 here: 1Password Releases

  • mawla
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    I must complain about your app language policy in 1password 8 but also generally regarding previous windows versions of 1password...
    E.g. in previous mac version of the app, Polish language was supported.
    In current, it is not available anymore
    I share 1password with my parents and for them, it is already a major inconvenience that discourage them from using it and paying the subscription.
    It is also annoying that the functionality available earlier, now disappears. That regards both mac and Windows version of the app

    Please consider that it is an issue for many people and the world is more than these 10 supported languages...

  • Hello @mawla,

    We appreciate your feedback about language support across 1Password apps on different platforms. 1Password 8 is a completely new app built from the ground up and since it is sharing a common core across all platforms, we're able to add features and improvements like this at the same time, where possible.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this lack of language support causes you and your family. While we recognize it's important for 1Password to be available to as many people as possible, I can't provide any kind of guarantees about when or if your request for Polish language support can be added. I can confirm that I've included the details of your message to our Product team in the feature request we're tracking. Thanks you for using 1Password!

    ref: IDEA-I-1581

  • Nicklaslund
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    I miss the Swedish and Finnish language of the app. Having the app in English only is not going to work for my parents who are not that good in English. I also had wished a warning that if you upgrade, you will lose the language that you have been using. Now it came as a sad surprise when the language suddenly changed. I certainly hope that you will bring back the broader language support for the best password manager.

  • Hello @Nicklaslund,

    Thanks for your message and request for support for the Swedish and Finnish languages. While I can't make any guarantees when or if we'll add future support, I've cast votes on your behalf in each of these feature requests we have open for the product team's consideration.

    ref: IDEA-I-996
    ref: IDEA-I-911

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