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My Feedback after a few weeks for iOS v8

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Really loving the new UI, great work!

My current feedback

  1. Can we get the ability jump to the top of the list by tapping the home icon? I know we can tap the status bar but apps like twitter etc let you tap the home icon twice to go to the top.

  2. Make each category title stand out a bit more on the home tab (the labels that say Favourites, Recently Added, Recently Modified etc, that you can minimise etc — https://i.imgur.com/W26qBex.jpg) - they’re currently bold but this doesn’t stick out enough - could you make their background slightly darker/tinted so it’s easy to identify the category headers and where they start and end.

  3. Can we get Haptic Touch on the items on the homepage (someone else suggested this yesterday) so we can quickly copy a password or something without having to go to the next screen (and back)


1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15.4.1


  • ag_kevinag_kevin

    Team Member

    Hi @TimeAndOrSpace ,

    Those are great suggestions! For the third, when you say Haptic Touch, I'm assuming you mean by long-pressing on an item. Is that correct?

    Thanks for taking the time to try out 1Password for iOS 8 and sending feedback. I've raised issues to discuss each of your feedback for inclusion in future updates.


    ref: #15055
    ref: #15056
    ref: #15057

  • TimeAndOrSpaceTimeAndOrSpace
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    Hi, thanks for your quick response and action!

    Yes, long press is what I am referring to. It would be nice to hold an item and quickly get a menu to copy username/password/other field and do that whilst remaining on the same home screen.

  • ag_kevinag_kevin

    Team Member

    Hi TimeAndOrSpace,

    Thanks for confirming! We have raised the request for discussion.


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