Windows setup instructions are confusing and out of date

I've been using the iPhone version of 1Password for a few months and yesterday bought the Windows version. I installed it on my PC, started the app and then stopped. I currently sync my data to dropbox and want that data on my PC version. The instructions to do so are confusing at best.

For example, your Getting Started page shows an image showing two options. When I launch on my PC I get those two plus "Restore 1Password Data from Backup".

Also, the page on backing up an iOS device states "On your iOS device, launch and unlock the 1Password app, and tap Settings > Database > Backup & Restore" however on my iPhone when I tap Settings the options do not include DATABASE.

I bought this to save me time and headaches but the lack of clear and accurate instructions have done nothing but. I don't want to proceed and lose the info I have on my phone.

Can you please supply accurate instructions?

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