Autofill not working with the King Soopers android app.

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Running Android 10, I encountered an app (King Soopers) that does not play well with 1Password. Just wondering if you might have any insight or suggestion.
On the app signon screen, the two fields needed are "Email Address" and "Password". Tapping the "Email Address" only brings up the keyboard for manual entry. Tapping on the "Password" field brings up the option to use 1Password. When I select the password I set up for the King Soopers app, 1Password prompts me to unlock, I unlock it, but the Password fields remains blank.
My Autofill settings are: Autofill on, Accessibility on, Autofill previews on, Auto-copy one-time passwords off.

1Password Version: 7.9.3
Extension Version: 2.3.5
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @MonkeyHarp, I'm sorry to hear about the Autofill issue with the King Soopers app.

    When I looked up a King Soopers app I found a Kroger's grocery delivery app. Does my screenshot below appear to be the correct app and sign-in page?

    If so, I was able to fill my test credentials in both fields as expected. If not, could you share a link to the King Soop in the Google Play Store? Thanks in advance!

  • MonkeyHarpMonkeyHarp
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    Since King Soopers is a subsidiary of Kroger, you appear to have the correct screen. Mine looks identical.
    Are you saying that for you, 1Password autofills the email and password fields? If so, what autofil options are you using?

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hi @MonkeyHarp thanks for following up.

    As long as I had Autofill, Accessibility or both enabled I could Autofill both fields with any other combination of Autofill settings. I'd like to ask you to update to 7.9.4.Beta-1 then check if there's any difference in behavior. To update to the beta:
    1. Search for and open the 1Password page in the Google Play Store.
    2. Under "Join the beta" tap Join.
    3. Wait for the update to become available (this can take 5-10 mins).
    4. If auto-update is off in Google Play, update manually.

    With the 7.9.4 beta does 1Password offer to fill in the King Sooper app? Thanks again!

  • MonkeyHarpMonkeyHarp
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    I updated to 7.9.4.Beta-1. 1Password does not offer to fill in the email. It does offer to fill in the password but when the password is selected, it does not populate the password field. So, no difference in the behavior. Is there any merit to trying the early release version 8?

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