4 years of data loss and completely at a loss with 1password

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I've been using 1password for a long time, dating back to version 2 or 3. I was blissfully unaware until trouble started today when I noticed that 1password on my iOS and Mac are out of sync. I eventually realized that I have a dropbox backup on my phone, while Mac has migrated to 1password account, even though both are tied to the same account. Unfortunately in the process of troubleshooting I accidentally overwrote my phone vaults and couldn't find any valid backup files - I switched from dropbox to iCloud backup during troubleshoot, and tried backup before each operation, but apparently no valid backup was created. It seems like I also accidentally migrated all phone data to the 1password account as I see lots of duplicate entries, though I suspect some of the duplicate entries could have newer info from either the phone or Mac.

I reached out to support but not sure if/when I will hear back given the long weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions how to recover my latest data and get all apps synced up? Feels like I time traveled back without any memory of any info saved from the last 4 years...

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    From my experience in the past 1.5 years, current 1Password versions (7+8) with its subscription model that comes with integrated cloud sync performs 100% accurate and reliable in terms of synchronization. I sync between PCs, tablet and smartphone.

    I'm unable to comment on what you might have done wrong, it's probably that you didn't understand in the first place how to properly manage (establish and make sure it's working properly all the time) synced vaults with an external sync method. You probably expected it to just work all the time, but actually it didn't. Much of that work is on the 1Password side if you choose their integrated sync with current versions.

    Overwriting stuff without making sure a current backup of that stuff exists is a fatal error. Before you overwrite something important or delete something, make sure a copy does exist.

    Before trying to restore a failed system to a current state, make a copy of that failed system, so you are able to revert to that failed system, in case the restore fails and you have nothing at all.

    Never overwrite what might be the last copy of an important thing.

  • Hi @postgtd:

    Thanks for reaching out. That definitely isn't the experience we want you to have with 1Password. I see we've recently replied to your email, so continuing the conversation there would be your best bet.


    ref: DNQ-26145-625

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